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The Best 15 SaaS Business Directories That Will Give You A Backlink
October 6, 2022

The Best 15 SaaS Business Directories That Will Give You A Backlink

New mobile apps to keep an eye on

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What new social media mobile apps are available in 2022?

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Use new social media apps as marketing funnels

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Before You Start Submitting To These Directories - Read This

One of the most difficult parts of starting and growing a SaaS company is getting your first customers, especially for bootstrapped businesses that rely on SEO for growth.

Building backlinks to your website both to grow your Google trust and to grow in the rankings can be time consuming and expensive.

So I put together this list of SaaS business directories where you can submit your company information and you'll show up in their search results and they will link back to your website.

Now I know what you're thinking. Web directories? What is this, 2004?

First of all, 2004 was a great year for me. But no, these are SaaS directories. They only accept SaaS companies in the directory.

Think about that. You have to have developed a software product in order to get into one of these directories. The quality is obviously going to be much higher.

I spent several hours going through each of these and submitted SquidVision to each of the directories so you can know which ones are worth submitting to.

Before you start submitting there are a few things you need to prepare. You're going to need the following website assets and descriptions to make your life a lot easier.

  1. Company logo (if you just do a 500x500 version that should work for all directories)
  2. Snapshots of your software. Try to keep them under 1MB.
  3. One sentence description or tagline of your business
  4. Long description of your business (about 100 words)
  5. Software categories your business belongs in

All of the SaaS directories in this list ask for random other things so you'll have to come up with some other stuff but most of them will ask you for those 5 things.

Pro tip: So that you don't have the same long description on a bunch of sites, write one good version and then throw it into ChatGPT and have it rewrite your description 10 times.

Chances are AI's rewrites will be better than yours. At least many of them were better for me.

So without further ado here is the list:

SaaS Business Directories


SaaSworthy is a comprehensive business directory that offers a wide range of software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions. With a user-friendly interface and detailed vendor profiles, it helps businesses find the perfect SaaS products to meet their specific needs.

Domain Authority: 38

Submission Difficulty Level: Easy (5 minutes)

Submission link: https://mailchi.mp/caea48b0c7ac/saasworthy-product-listing


TaggedWeb is a versatile SaaS business directory that enables users to discover and compare various software solutions. It provides a platform for businesses to showcase their products and services, ensuring users can make informed decisions based on detailed information and customer reviews.

Domain Authority: 52

Submission Difficulty Level: Easy (5 minutes)

Submission link: https://www.taggedweb.com/list-a-software


G2 is a popular software review platform that goes beyond just a directory. It offers authentic user reviews, detailed product comparisons, and expert insights to help businesses find the best software solutions. Its unique feature is its emphasis on user-generated content and the G2 Grid, which ranks products based on customer satisfaction and market presence.

Domain Authority: 77

Submission Difficulty Level: Medium (10 minutes)

Submission link: https://www.g2.com/products/new


Crunchbase is more than just a SaaS directory; it is a platform that provides comprehensive information on various businesses, including startups and established companies. It offers detailed profiles, funding data, and industry trends, making it a valuable resource for investors, entrepreneurs, and professionals seeking business intelligence. Crunchbase isn't a typical business directory and so they will ask you for a bunch of other things like founders info, investors info, money raised etc. But not to worry because most of it is not required.

Domain Authority: 91

Submission Difficulty Level: Medium (10 minutes)

Submission link: https://www.crunchbase.com/add-new


Startuplister specializes in helping startups gain exposure and traction. It is a very simple platform that just lists new startups in the order that they were submitted.

Sign and listing is easy but a little buggy.

Domain Authority: 35

Submission Difficulty Level: Easy (5 minutes)

Submission link: button in top menu


Clutch is a B2B ratings and reviews platform that focuses on identifying top service providers across different industries. It provides detailed company profiles, client reviews, and industry insights to help businesses make informed decisions when choosing service providers.

Even though your a SaaS company you essentially are listing yourself as a service provider. For example, SquidVision is landing page optimization and conversion rate optimization software for SaaS companies so I just listed those as the service I provide.

Domain Authority: 68

Submission Difficulty Level: Medium (10 minutes)

Submission link: https://clutch.co/get-listed


TrustRadius is a platform that offers trusted and transparent reviews on various software products and services. Its unique approach involves authentic user feedback and in-depth product comparisons, enabling businesses to make well-informed decisions when selecting software solutions.

I'm gonna be totally honest. Their signup process was one of the most aggravating things I've experienced in a long time. They put me into a never ending loop of logging in to create my profile and then when I went to create my profile it would have me login again. Over and over.

Normally I would have stopped much sooner with such terrible UI but I was hoping to push through for your sake. Unfortunately for you, we're not close enough friends to keep going through that torture.

No thanks.

Domain Authority: 68

Submission Difficulty Level: Impossible (Infinity)

Submission link: Don't bother


GoodFirms is a SaaS directory that features a curated list of top software products and service providers. It offers detailed profiles, client reviews, and industry rankings, allowing businesses to find reliable software solutions tailored to their requirements.

Not only do they ask you for a ton of information but because of the specific (albeit ridiculous) requirements they have it took me a even longer than it would have to submit SquidVision. I had to prepare customized assets for them. Be sure to have a square dimension version of your logo because that is the only way they accept it. Also make sure your screenshots of your software are less than 1MB.

Domain Authority: 54

Submission Difficulty Level: Hard (30 minutes)

Submission link: https://account.goodfirms.co/users/signup


GetApp is a comprehensive software marketplace that connects businesses with various SaaS solutions. It offers a user-friendly interface, detailed product listings, and customer reviews to help organizations find and compare software options in various categories. Keep in mind that these guys offer a both a free and paid option. The free option is super easy to submit because they don't allow you to provide much information. But since we are just going for backlinks here, the free option is what I chose.

Domain Authority: 61

Submission Difficulty Level: Easy (5 minutes)

Submission link: https://www.gartner.com/en/digital-markets


SoftwareSelect is a vendor-specific directory that focuses on helping businesses find software solutions tailored to their industry and requirements. It provides detailed profiles, customer reviews, and industry-specific resources, simplifying the software selection process.

Note that tSoftwareSelect has two sign ups. The first one is super easy and it feels like you have submitted successfully. But don't be fooled, that is just the initial sign up. The actual listing creation is much more involved. You should also know that they will try to upsell you with a couple of add on products.

Domain Authority: 9

Submission Difficulty Level: Hard (20 minutes)

Submission link: https://vendor.softwareselect.com/user/signup


StackShare is a unique platform that allows companies to showcase their technology stacks and share insights with the developer community. It enables businesses to discover, compare, and adopt tools and technologies used by successful companies in their industry. This one was pretty easy to submit to but you have to login and then paste in the submission link into your browser to actually submit your tool. It also seems like it appeals to developers so some of the things it asks for were strange like the support/documentation url. I just entered my contact page url for that.

Domain Authority: 57

Submission Difficulty Level: Easy (7 minutes)

Submission link: https://www.stackshare.io/submit


AlternativeTo is a user-driven software recommendation platform that helps users find alternatives to popular software applications. It provides a wide range of software options based on user recommendations, allowing individuals and businesses to explore alternative solutions beyond mainstream offerings. In order to add your SaaS company you need to create an account and then once you're logged in, click on your user icon on the top right and click Suggest An Application.

Domain Authority: 87

Submission Difficulty Level: Medium (12 minutes)

Submission link: Have to sign up first.


Capterra is a leading online resource for finding and comparing software solutions across various industries. It offers a vast directory of software products, complete with user reviews, ratings, and detailed comparisons, helping businesses make well-informed decisions. These guys are huge and are owned by the same company that owns GetApp which is also on this list. That said their free listing signup process is super easy just like it was fore GetApp. They are hoping they can convert you to do a PPC campaign on their platform.

Domain Authority: 78

Submission Difficulty Level: Easy (5 minutes)

Submission link: https://www.gartner.com/en/digital-markets/capterra-provider-get-listed

SaaS Genius

SaaS Genius is a comprehensive business directory that focuses specifically on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions. It offers an extensive collection of SaaS products across diverse categories, with detailed vendor profiles, user reviews, and comparisons. You have to email these guys in order to get your SaaS business listed. They charge a nominal fee to weed out the non-serious companies.

Domain Authority: 39

Submission Difficulty Level:

Submission link: https://www.saasgenius.com/get-listed/

The Startup Pitch

The Startup Pitch is a platform that showcases innovative startups and their business ideas. Entrepreneurs and founders can submit their pitches, providing a glimpse into their offerings, market potential, and growth plans. It serves as a valuable resource for investors, partners, and customers looking to explore new and promising startup ventures. Submission is pretty simple. They ask you different questions than most of the others so it takes a little bit longer. Also they do only offer 3 paid submission options. The fees are small but just know that it isnt free.

Domain Authority: 37

Submission Difficulty Level: Medium (10 minutes)

Submission link: https://www.thestartuppitch.com/post-a-pitch/

10 Words

10 Words is a really simple platform that is dedicated to showcasing new and emerging tech and SaaS companies. Its more interesting because you can only use 10 words to describe what your SaaS does. Makes it really easy to digest the showcased listings on the homepage. I quickly found out that for a free listing I would have to wait a year to get listed but if I paid $19, I could be listed in a week.

Domain Authority: 19

Submission Difficulty Level: Easy (2 minutes)

Submission link: https://portal.10words.io/auth/register

There you have it. 15 SaaS business directories that will give you a homepage backlink for free. AI wrote this next sentence.

These business directories offer valuable resources and information to businesses and individuals seeking software solutions, making it easier to find, compare, and choose the most suitable options for their unique needs.

What do you think? Although technically relevant and true, it was a little too professional sounding in my opinion.

Do you know of another SaaS business directory we should add? Send it to us here.

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