SEO content marketing tool that proves the value of your blog posts.

SquidVision revenue heatmaps

See how much revenue each blog posts generates, optimize the CTA's in each post, and prove the worth of your SEO efforts.

Who is SquidVision for?

Stripe Users

If you own a SaaS company and you process payments through Stripe, SquidVision was built for you.

Shopify Stores

Have a Shopify store? We have an app in the Shopify app store built just for you.

More coming...

4 Questions Your SEO Audit Tool Should Answer:
Is the cost of your SEO campaign worth it?
SEO can cost thousands of dollars a month with no guarantee of return on investment. SquidVision gives you real revenue proof that your SEO is working.
See the full revenue value of all of your blog posts in one place.
Easily compare revenue generated to the cost of SEO.
How much revenue has each blog post generated from SEO?
The only way to know if your SEO is actually working is to track conversions back to your blog posts as landing pages. SquidVision attributes all revenue that started on the blog posts back to each individual post.
Quickly see if a blog post is producing paying customers.
Compare blog posts value side by side.
SquidVision revenue heatmaps for SaaS websites
Track effectiveness of content marketing with SquidVision
Are your blog posts profitable or underperforming?
You spend time and money creating a piece of content that ranks for big keywords. But do those keywords bring buyers? SquidVision will show you which posts are failing.
Is your content marketing driving sign ups?
See which blog posts attract buyers.
Are your blog post CTA's working to drive signups?
What's the point of high rankings and traffic to your blog if you don't turn those visitors into customers. Optimize your CTA's with our Revenue Heatmaps.
See how much revenue each CTA generates.
Optimize CTAs to increase conversions.

See what is happening on your SaaS website, literally.

Ready to blow up your MRR?

Start increasing conversions on your landing pages and blogs posts today.