A New, Smarter Way To Increase Conversions.

See which buttons and links are actually generating revenue on the page and then make changes to increase conversions and revenue per visitor.

A CRO Tool Similar To Hotjar or Crazy Egg But We Track Revenue Instead of Clicks.

See Revenue For Every Button, Link and Image.

Seeing where people click on your page is cute. Seeing which links and buttons drive all of your revenue is the future.

  • Truly understand how buyers use your website
  • Make conversion rate tweaks and adjustments
  • Find CTA's that aren't working
Revenue Heatmap from SquidVision

Quickly Increase Revenue Per Visitor.

Using "Revenue Heatmaps", you can easily see exactly which buttons, links and images are generating the most revenue and which ones you can tweak and test to make more revenue per visitor.

  • Revenue, click and conversion data for every link on a page.
  • See which buttons and links are underperforming.
  • Make tweaks to the page to quickly grow revenue.

See If Your Call To Action Buttons Are Working.

There's nothing worse than a Call To Action that doesn't get potential customers to act. SquidVision exposes bad CTAs in just days.

  • See how much revenue a CTA generates.
  • See if a CTA only attracks lurkers.
  • Make tweaks to CTAs to increase conversions.

See If Your Content Marketing Is Driving Revenue.

Trying to drive traffic and sales from your blog posts? Now you can track how much revenue each post generates for you.

  • Audit your content marketing.
  • See which blog posts attract buyers.
  • Know which content to promote.

Increase Conversions and Revenue Per Visitor On Your Website.

Who Is SquidVision For?
  • Stripe Users
  • Shopify Stores
  • More coming soon...

Fill out the form to save your spot in line to be an early-access beta tester.


SquidVision FAQs

What is SquidVision?

SquidVision is a new CRO platform that tracks revenue from your website and then attributes it back to the buttons and links where your customers clicked during the cconversion process. Inside the app you get a visual overlay of your site and you can literally see which buttons and links generated the revenue for you.

When can I start using SquidVision?

SquidVision is in closed beta. We are currently inviting users based on their position in the early access waiting list. You can request access to the beta by filling out the short form above. To move ahead in the queue you just need to refer your friends and get them to join the waitlist.

How is this different than the other providers such as Crazy Egg and Hotjar?

Services like Crazy Egg and Hotjar provide awesome insights into how a user interacts with your website. But the major peice that is missing is the one metric we all care about the most, revenue. SquidVision tracks revenue and shows you not just how often buttons and links get clicked but how much revenue they generate as well.

How much does it cost?

Our closed beta users will be able to help us test the software for free. Once we get out of closed beta the plans will start at $49/mo and will be priced based on how much traffic your website gets.

Who is behind SquidVision? Where are you based?

SquidVision LLC is an American startup headquartered in the Phoenix metropolitan area in the state of Arizona. Our founding team includes experts in Product / SaaS Growth, Digital Marketing, UX and Conversion Rate Optimization, and Enterprise Web Analytics.