Landing Page Optimization Tool That Tracks Leads, Signups and Revenue

  • Increase landing page conversions
  • Audit and optimize your content marketing
  • Crush your paid advertising campaigns
SquidVision revenue heatmaps

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Skyrocket your revenue in 3 easy steps


Install Tracking Code

Install the tracking code in the header of your website and on your goal conversion page so we can track conversions and revenue.


Add Your Pages

Just add your landing pages into SquidVision and our software will start tracking all revenue, signups and clicks for each link.


Increase Conversions

Our revenue heat maps will show you how much revenue every page, button and link is generating so you can optimize for more $$$.

Your data privacy is our #1 priority.

Your revenue data is 100% secure with us.

In order to be able to give you revenue attribution to all of your user clicks, you do have to connect your payment platform to SquidVision.

We protect this data with multiple levels of tiered protection and the data is for your use only. This means we will never share or sell your data to any third party.

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Like Hotjar or Crazy Egg but with full revenue attribution.
See which buttons and links drive revenue on your landing pages.
Using what we have dubbed "revenue heatmaps", you can easily see exactly which pages, buttons and links are generating the most revenue for your site.
Make smarter changes to landing pages using revenue data.
Find out the areas of your landing page that aren't working.
Optimize your landing pages for maximum revenue growth.
No more underperforming Calls To Action.
There's nothing worse than a Call To Action that doesn't get potential customers to act. SquidVision exposes bad CTAs in just days.
See how much revenue each CTA generates.
See if your CTAs only attract lurkers.
Make tweaks to CTAs to increase conversions.
SquidVision revenue heatmaps for SaaS websites
Track effectiveness of content marketing with SquidVision
Audit your SEO and content marketing.
Trying to drive traffic and sales from your blog posts? Now you can track how much revenue each post generates for you.
Is your content marketing driving sign ups?
See which blog posts attract buyers.
Optimize your blog post calls to action.
Don't rely on trials for conversions, use revenue
Now you can track your landing pages properly as SquidVision tracks trial signups but also tracks trial conversions and lifetime revenue of those conversions.
Subscription revenue tracked for each landing page.
As customers keep paying, old heatmaps update the revenue.
Conversion tracking connected to each button and link.

See what is happening on your SaaS website, literally.

See what our users think...

As a SaaS business owner who relies on content marketing for growth, SquidVision is our go to tool to track revenue and trial signups from each landing page.

Dmitry Dragilev - SaaS Founder

This app gives me actual revenue data of how my landing pages are performing. This is a massive game changer! Highly recommend!

Tyler Swenson - Jasper Holland

I was able to track the clicks and visitors through the snapshot and also get revenue attribution to those clicks. Also, the customer service is great!

Nicoly Oliviera - Agency Owner

Frequently Asked Questions

SquidVision is a new CRO platform that tracks revenue from your website and then attributes it back to the buttons and links where your customers clicked during the cconversion process. Inside the app you get a visual overlay of your site and you can literally see which buttons and links generated the revenue for you.

How is this different than other tools such as Crazy Egg and Hotjar?

Services like Crazy Egg and Hotjar provide awesome insights into how a user interacts with your website. But the major peice that is missing is the one metric we all care about the most, revenue. SquidVision tracks revenue and shows you not just how often buttons and links get clicked but how much revenue they generate as well.

SquidVision LLC is an American startup headquartered in the Phoenix metropolitan area in the state of Arizona. Our founding team includes experts in Product / SaaS Growth, Digital Marketing, UX and Conversion Rate Optimization, and Enterprise Web Analytics.

SquidVision has integrations with both Shopify and Stripe. If your website is built in Shopify or if you use Stripe for payment processing you can use SquidVision revenue heatmaps. If your website uses a different payment provider or a different e-commerce platform add your name to the waitlist. We are building out new integrations based on demand.

100% yes. Our #1 priority is to protect your traffic, conversion and revenue data. We track your revenue and attribute it back to clicks on your website but the data is yours and is never sold or shared with anyone. Guaranteed.

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