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October 7, 2022

How to Grow a SaaS Company: Valuable Tips you shouldn’t Miss

How to Grow a SaaS Company: Valuable Tips you shouldn’t Miss

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What new social media mobile apps are available in 2022?

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Use new social media apps as marketing funnels

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Try out Twitter Spaces or Clubhouse on iPhone

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SaaS is known to be the most agile in the software industry. Several experiments have been going on for the past decade to grow a SaaS business. However, there is no standard because what works and doesn't depend on multiple factors.

SaaS businesses are growing fast and are based on a revolutionary subscription-based model. Therefore, companies cannot expect the same level of revenue growth by applying traditional methods.

Recurring businesses, customer lifetime value, and customer retention have become crucial. Therefore, modern companies must develop a new outlook in the SaaS industry.

When you understand the nuances of the industry and know how to apply revolutionary ideas, you will succeed at growing your SaaS business. But before we give you recommendations regarding your growth in the SaaS market, we want to ensure that you possess detailed knowledge about SaaS.

Understanding SaaS

SaaS revolves around using the cloud to deliver software solutions to clients anytime, anywhere. It offers advantages like reduced production costs for the host and a subscription-based service for clients.

SaaS businesses are often associated with cloud computing because users can access the software via a client like a web browser. A huge chunk of software companies have adopted the SaaS business model. The growth potential of SaaS companies in the digital world is huge.

But applying appropriate strategies is one of the significant aspects of growing a SaaS business. Let's dig into some of the best methods to grow your SaaS company and gain loyal customers.

Pay Attention to Client's Requirements to Grow Your SaaS Business

For any business model to succeed, paying attention to clients' requirements will always be crucial. It becomes mandatory for SaaS companies to check whether there's an appetite for your product or service in the market. Before working on your product development plans, performing in-depth research is best.

You must perform small-scale tests before launching a product or service. A crucial aspect of growing your SaaS company is product market fit. It involves ensuring that your product is useful in the market and that customers can extract a lot of value from it.

You can maintain long-term relationships with your customers by offering them value. One important long-term strategy for SaaS growth is keeping your customers happy. It will help you prevent obstacles in the path of business growth as much as possible.

Focus on Customer Feedback

SaaS companies won't be able to enjoy revenue growth by developing products that are already existing in the market. Instead, you will have to focus on new and enhanced ideas to reach potential customers.

You don't have to launch the perfect product during its first release. For instance, Microsoft has never launched a perfect first version of its products. Instead, they improve the version with multiple fixes, updates, and improvements.

However, your product should be stable enough to gain adequate traction in the market. You also need to experiment with the price range of your products to reduce complications in your sales for potential customers. Remember that people will embrace a product when it's easy to use.

SaaS companies should use their loyal customers to get new ones. You can also focus on acquiring customers through various marketing strategies, particularly social media. Always focus on innovation for your growth in the business world.

Maintaining a balanced workflow and exploring various ideas for your future business will work in your favor. Focusing on introducing new products is important if you wish to increase your profitability.

Product-led strategies are extremely beneficial for higher growth in SaaS companies. This strategy involved acquiring more customers by keeping your products at the center.

Figure out the growth lever of your product to attract customers and make them more engaged with your product. Offering free trials is one of the best methods for impressing customers.

Remember that a SaaS company should help customers find value from their products sooner than later. When the target audience can derive value from your products, thriving in the competitive business environment becomes easy for a SaaS company.

Companies like Zoom and Dropbox use product-led growth strategies to retain customers and grow their businesses. They offer a free version to reveal the products' basic features to customers. If the existing customers wish to explore more features, they need to convert themselves into paying customers.

SaaS Businesses must Adopt Customer Success

Adopting customer success is crucial for all SaaS companies. It can be adopted using various methods like a business unit, a philosophy or value, a strategy, or a department. `It can give you a competitive advantage because you can reduce your churn rate only by building strong relationships with them.

If your business depends on a top line of revenue, you must be able to retain customers for the long term. Creating a customer success team for your SaaS business can provide myriad benefits. Let us focus on the three primary benefits related to what extent customer success is useful.

Customer Retention

When you can retain users, you will increase your monthly recurring revenue through their renewed subscriptions. A major part of customer success involves giving your user base reasons to continue doing business with you.

Business Expansion

If you want to go beyond average revenue generation, you will have to gain new customers through upgrades, multichannel selling, and cross-sell. The product management team becomes particularly responsible for business expansion because they need to constantly update products. It guarantees revenue growth by offering new customers increased value from products.

Brand Advocacy

It revolves around acquiring more customers by turning customers into brand advocates. There lies a lot of science in turning your customers into brand advocates. It can add more prospects to your market funnel and make your marketing efforts more effective through lower customer acquisition costs.

SaaS Companies can Leverage SEO for Growth

When Google ads seem to work for software companies, they need to start thinking about ranking organically. Search engine optimization is the answer to optimizing your website and increasing your annual recurring revenue by being more visible to new as well as existing customers. Like a paid marketing strategy, technical knowledge about SEO can help you increase lead generation for your own company.

A majority of companies focus on content marketing to acquire more leads for their SaaS product. With more content, you will generate more traffic to sell your SaaS products to more customers. Remember that you will need great content at all levels of your marketing funnel to increase the sales and awareness of your customers about your product.

Look at some of the best tips that tech startups can use to enhance their SEO strategies:

Target Keywords the Right Way

If you are succeeding at making Google ads work, your keyword targets in the very beginning should be easy. You will have to use the same keywords in the case of content marketing as well to increase your customer base. But you should also perform intensive keyword research beyond them to find uncompetitive and more relevant keywords for your products.

Take Blogging Seriously

If you are serious about SEO, you must focus on blogging. Try to post around 4 to 5 blogs every week for at least two months. This massive velocity of articles will help you get on the radar of search engines faster.

It will help you gain more success from your SEO strategy. If you are unable to create relatable content for your business, you should not be afraid to outsource it.

Don't Ever Sacrifice the Quality of Your Content

Great content is crucial for the success of your SEO strategy. Google shows on top the best content. Your customer base won't be impressed as long as your content isn't insightful.

Apart from adding the right keywords and links, you should also focus on formatting your content in an attractive manner. Use images, headers, easy-to-read font, and proper spacing to make your blogs look good. Posts above 1800 words have higher chances of ranking on top of search results.

Add Backlinks

Backlinks are extremely crucial for your website blogs. Getting hyperlinks from authoritative sites is a valuable SEO strategy. Backlinks prove to Google that your website is trustworthy and contains reliable information.

Additional Tips

Similar to Google ads, don't forget to capture email leads on your website whenever possible. Getting a lot of web traffic is of no use when your visitors never hear from you or experience your products and services.

Using WordPress for your blog is a great idea because it organizes your content for search engines by default. It is crucial when you need your SEO strategy to deliver fast results for your SaaS business.

Use the Right Metrics

You also need to use the right growth metrics to measure your performance. It will ensure that you are able to develop relevant strategies to lower customer acquisition costs by going on the right track. Some important metrics to track your growth rate include analyzing churn rate, net promoter score, and more.

By using the right metrics, you will get closer to fulfilling your business goals. Any SaaS startup will benefit from developing goals by incorporating these elements:


If you want to experience growth, vague goals won't help you out. Your objectives need to be hard and specific.

For instance, wanting to generate more money from your business doesn't sound specific. A specific will be something along the lines of increasing your revenue by 10%.


Your goals must be measurable and trackable using the right metrics. For instance, your goal can be to acquire more clients. You must be able to use the right metrics to measure your success in acquiring more clients.


Your goals must be realistic and achievable. For instance, you can plan to lower marketing costs by 50% by the end of the next quarter. However, you will have to assess whether it's practically possible to lower costs by such a huge margin despite using multiple marketing channels.


Your goal must be relevant enough to add some value to your business. For instance, increasing the productivity of your management team seems relevant because it can accelerate your growth rate.


After setting goals, companies must be able to focus on achieving them within a specific time period. For instance, you might be working on solving a particular pain point of your real customers. You can make your goal time-bound by planning to solve the pain point of customers within a maximum of one month.

SquidVision: The Best Tool for SaaS Companies to Shine

If you need to see how conversions on your website are helping with higher revenue generation, you must use SquidVision. All SaaS companies will benefit from using the software, particularly when they rely on content marketing. Moreover, SaaS companies are also able to track how their ad campaigns are performing with the help of this tool.

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