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 7 Best Heatmap Software in the Market to improve your Website Traffic
Revenue Heatmaps
October 7, 2022

7 Best Heatmap Software in the Market to improve your Website Traffic

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You can gain priceless insight by understanding how visitors interact with your website, and there is just one solution to be able to do this: heatmap software. Heatmaps usefully outline a regular user's behavior on a website or mobile app. They're also a logical place to examine how consumers engage with a service, website, or mobile app because they're simple to make and interpret.

Web traffic analysis is crucial for improving your site for conversions and user experience. Heatmaps are a fantastic tool for determining which areas of your website are well-liked by visitors and which areas want development.

We'll review the top heatmap software solutions in this post to make it easier for you to generate detailed heatmaps of your web pages and ensure they are all operating as efficiently as possible.

What is a Heatmap Software?

With the help of heatmap software tools, you can see what parts of your website visitors are clicking on, where they are scrolling down to, and even how they move their mouse. The heatmap software uses visuals to show this behavior when a web page is clicked on, hovered over, or scrolled through. On a web page, heatmaps often overlay darker colors to denote high-usage areas and softer hues to denote low-usage areas.

Web designers and marketers use heatmaps to see where users click, scroll, and hover over a website. This data demonstrates how effectively or ineffectively the page's design captures the viewer's attention and identifies design flaws that could be fixed to boost engagement and conversion.

A heatmap tool can even record a user's visit to your website so you can observe their complete interaction with it. Additionally, heatmap tools can direct your web design and SEO tactics.

But how do you decide which is the best heatmap software for your organization when so many options are available?

Features of Effective Heatmap Software 

The following characteristics are a must-have for choosing the ideal heatmap tool for your company:

Predictive Analysis

AI technologies forecast future results by leveraging historical data, data mining, and machine learning to find chances for risk and ROI that will boost a business website's efficiency.

Behavioral Analytics

Assists a company in making quick adjustments to its website to enhance user experience. All mouse movements and user comments are gathered and tracked by this feature.

Funnel Analysis

Maps a user's trip across a website and pinpoints the points at which visitors stopped using a funnel analysis. These data are utilized to optimize web pages, encouraging visitors to sign up for the website or make a purchase. Any of these latter steps boost conversion rates.

Real-time monitoring 

Keeps track of how users interact with your website in real-time, enabling a company to act fast on any emerging patterns.


Gather user comments on a picture or a website prototype. Visitors can vote for or against specific website features through polling.

Available For Mobile Apps

Heatmap software applications installed on mobile devices can provide more depth of understanding of the mobile experience.

7 Best Heatmap Software Tools reviewed

  1. SquidVision

SquidVision, our new CRO tool, tracks revenue from your website and links it to the buttons and links that site visitors use to convert. Within the software, your website is visually overlaid, and you can see which buttons and links generated revenue for you.

Businesses have long found scroll-and-click heatmap platforms to be adequate. SquidVision has improved the situation by creating a platform with revenue heatmaps.

Like click heatmaps, revenue heatmaps show click-related revenue rather than visitors' clicks on your website. You can therefore monitor how much revenue is generated by each link and button on your website.

Your CTAs may drive a lot of visitors to your homepage. However, you may have a significant bounce-back rate before your customers reach the revenue page. With the aid of SquidVision, you can see everything. As a result, you can alter your sales funnel.

And SquidVision's best quality is how easy it is to use. Just take three quick steps to get your revenue metrics:

  • Place a tracking code
  • Add your pages
  • Increasing conversion rates

The significant part of SquidVision's price is that the amount we charge is based on the size of your SaaS company. When using SquidVision, you can increase your pricing tiers as your SaaS company grows and becomes more successful. The functionality is the same across all three plans.

A seven-day free trial is included with each monthly membership. There is no free plan available if you select an annual billing subscription. However, you are given two months without charge.

Three plans are available in the SquidVision pricing packages.

The monthly fee for the porthole is $49. This plan's current MRR is up to $20k Clear Water for $99 monthly. The MRR for this plan is now $20k to $100k Visionary for $199 per month. The MRR for this technique now fluctuates between $100,000 and $500,000.

If your MRR exceeds $500,000, SquidVision has a customized plan. To receive a quote and learn more about what we have to offer contact us.

All packages include available visitor tracking, heat maps of overall revenue, and details on upcoming platform changes.

  1. Hotjar

Hotjar is a website heatmap software that includes survey functionality, user feedback widgets, and session recordings. It is a user-friendly tool for marketers, product managers, and UX specialists.

This product provides fundamental heatmap scroll, click, and movement functionalities. Additionally, Hotjar provides a session recording tool and options for surveying and client feedback. The survey and feedback tools might assist you in figuring out why some aspects of your website need to be fixed.

The user feedback function is a helpful element not typically included in heatmap products. You can also share any heatmaps you produce with your team or clients by downloading them first.

Your team may easily prioritize your work without any guesswork, thanks to Hotjar. You may find out what your consumers like about your website and what features they disregard if you have the transparency to see where your visitors are looking and interacting.

The software from Hotjar also allows you to discover potential problem areas or flaws lying in plain sight from your users. This gives you a clearer idea of what visitors to your website want to see, which can help you increase conversion rates and user engagement.

Hotjar offers a few pricing options for you to choose from. Basic is free, Plus is $39, Business is $99, and Scale is $398. All of these prices are billed monthly.

  1. Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is a web analytics and conversion rate optimization (CRO) application. It provides user recordings, overlay reports, heatmaps, A/B testing, and tools for monitoring ad traffic on your website.

This tool provides screenshots and recordings that enable you to track visitor behavior on your website and determine its origin. AWeber, WordPress, Shopify, the Appy Pie website builder, Wix, and other e-commerce and content management systems are among the ones that Crazy Egg works with.

Brands can get a detailed insight into user activity with Crazy Egg. Thanks to its confetti heat map function, you may go down to specific clicks visitors make and segment them using different data. You can better assist consumers as they go around your business's website with this amount of user activity detail.

Businesses can test new designs before putting them into use by using the Crazy Egg A/B Testing Page Editor capability. These design components could be pictures, copies, or CTAs (call-to-action). Although this may need a great deal of technical expertise, this tool allows these modifications to be accomplished without needing a developer.

You may quickly join up for a 30-day free trial of Crazy Egg. You may get a thorough understanding of how the software functions from this demo. The professional edition of Crazy Egg is also inexpensive, costing $249 a month. 

  1. Mouseflow

According to reviews, one of the best heatmap tools on the market is Mouseflow. Mouseflow is competitively priced and comparable to its rivals. Mouseflow uses funnels to show mouse movements between web pages, and you may create reports about these funnels.

Several users praised Mouseflow's funnel feature for its tracking abilities. Mouseflow offers tools that display user behavior on online registration and form sites.

Understanding actual customer journeys are the first step in removing friction from user sessions. Mouseflow places a lot of emphasis on its session replay tool as an effective solution for identifying red-flag metrics by observing actual site visitors' behavior. Additionally, it has a conversion funnel optimization tool so that you may remove any barriers to sales.

Brands may also design unique surveys with Mouseflow to get important consumer input. These questionnaires can be customized, so you can discover the details required to make using your company's website straightforward. Feedback is straightforward for any user to use and implement, according to current Mouseflow users.

The number of recordings, storage months, and websites all factor into Mouseflow's five pricing tiers. Annual plans range in price from $0 to $299 per month.

  1. FullStory

Unlike other heatmap tools, FullStory focuses primarily on using session recordings to find faults and potential obstacles. The organization advises studying session records to understand the larger picture better and determine whether your targeted results are driven by action. All website visitor sessions are documented, providing detailed visitor data for your business.

You can receive "frustration signals" from the FullStory heatmap tool, highlighting user problem areas. The user experience can then be improved by viewing the session recording to discover where things may have gone wrong for the user.

The analytics engine at FullStory monitors engagement, business, and sales KPIs. It uses heuristics, AI, and machine learning in its analytical engine. This product stands out from its rivals thanks to its analytical capabilities. The heatmap features provide additional data like load time and the number of website users.

Many business intelligence (BI) software solutions can be integrated with Fullstory via application programming interfaces (APIs). The 14-day free trial plan for Full story is available here, along with a list of the service's price options.

  1. Lucky Orange

Lucky Orange, the heatmap software tool, provides brands with analytics tools to see their most popular landing pages, web pages, and user sources. Additionally, you can view activity in real-time and even initiate a live discussion with users rather than just seeing heatmap pictures of their recent activity. Visitor session recordings and sophisticated features like automated live chat responses can enhance visitors' digital experiences with your brand.

The chat function on Lucky Orange is distinctive and aids in directing the user's navigation path to produce a more seamless experience. When someone needs assistance, you may give them the option to start a chat, or you can be more proactive and set up rules to automatically invite individuals to chat. If visitors to your website require further assistance navigating it, you may invite them immediately to chat.

No credit card is needed for the free 7-day trial offered by Lucky Orange. Plans start at $35 per month for 40,000 monthly pageviews, $70 per month for 100,000 monthly pageviews, $150 per month for 300,000 monthly pageviews, and enterprise plans for 1,000,000 or more monthly pageviews.

  1. Contentsquare

Large enterprises can use Contentsquare, formerly known as Clicktale, as a heatmap tool. This solution uses an artificial intelligence (AI) capability to alert site developers when an abnormality happens. Users are given access to a dashboard feature that enables tracking and keeping an eye on key performance indicators (KPI).

In addition to offering form analysis skills to help websites' forms be more effective, Contentsquare offers several analytical elements that aid in understanding business merchandising patterns. Contentsquare's service also supports mobile devices.

Additionally, Contentsquare offers A/B testing, a function that allows a company to contrast two websites. To give you an unmatched understanding of the customer experience and to revolutionize your business, Contentsquare goes beyond typical analytics.

The tool helps organizations to swiftly provide more human experiences while protecting privacy and accessibility thanks to intuitive technology that discloses the behavior, intent, and attitude of every and every user. Faster growth, more adaptability, and contented customers are the outcomes of using this software. 

You can check out their website or other sources to compare and choose the right pricing plan for your business website.

Choose the Best Heatmap Software: SquidVision

It's time to decide which of the top heatmap platforms is best for your company now that you know more about them. The advantages of the heatmap mentioned above systems vary.

Some offer better visitor analytics, including real-time analytics and visitor segmentation capabilities. Others offer a wide variety of heatmap capabilities to pinpoint precisely where your visitors interact with your page.

Cost is a significant factor for many firms in addition to visitor statistics, heatmap functionality, and other software capabilities. As with most software, the priciest heatmap software isn't always the finest. It's also crucial to take the simplicity of beginning into account.

Taking all these into account, we recommend using SquidVision for the best possible results.


The following are some benefits of adopting our software for your company:

  • Information related to each click
  • Learn about link and button revenue
  • Your content marketing review
  • Conversion monitoring is linked to each button and link.
  • Check to see if CTAs draw observers.
  • Conversion rates will rise with CTA revisions.
  • Select the content you want to promote and integrate it with well-known programs.

Based on this, you can improve how consumers engage with your website by making design choices. To ensure that you know exactly what needs to be changed, why it needs to be changed, and what it needs to be changed to, user testing is a rigorous technique that should always be used in conjunction with site analytics.

You might wish to choose SquidVision for a better user experience and a little bit better performance. SquidVision, in contrast to other systems, concentrates on income statistics, an essential experience insights metric.

The revenue from your website can be viewed in X-ray using this program! Most systems need to deliver income heatmaps for small firms, which SquidVision does.

SquidVision is, moreover, relatively easy to install and use. You only need to complete three simple activities to use the platform. As a result, setting up and exploring different areas won't give you headaches.

You must pay attention to the integrations! Shopify and Stripe are only two of the programs that SquidVision integrates with. As a result, you may enter the products you've dropped-shipped into a single piece of software to get your income figures.

If your business wants to know how customers are entering the funnel, SquidVision is an excellent fit. Your prospects of increasing your revenue will be consequently improved.