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 Top 10 Best Shopify Apps To Increase Conversions
January 30, 2023

Top 10 Best Shopify Apps To Increase Conversions

New mobile apps to keep an eye on

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What new social media mobile apps are available in 2022?

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Use new social media apps as marketing funnels

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Try out Twitter Spaces or Clubhouse on iPhone

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Over time, Shopify has emerged as the go-to option for business owners wishing to sell their goods online. It is simple to use, but you can find tens of thousands of apps designed to simplify managing and expanding your business.

But finding the finest Shopify apps for your company might take a lot of work. You'll have to sift through thousands of options to find what you're looking for in the Shopify app store. It may take a lot of time and be difficult as well.

So, we explored the Shopify store and picked applications that will boost conversions to save you from the hassle.

What Is Shopify?

Shopify is a software as a service (SaaS) cloud-based B2B shopping cart solution.

You can process orders, add store data, and add products for a monthly charge. Additionally, Shopify offers generously priced and free design templates. You can also alter these themes to fit your logo. In light of this, Shopify's editing features are advantageous.

Shopify provides live chat, phone, email, and email customer assistance around the clock if you select the monthly payment option. You no longer need to worry about business growth because Shopify offers everything you require to enable you to start selling immediately on your very own website.

People adore Shopify because using it doesn't require any technical knowledge. Shopify is well known for its user-friendly interface and cutting-edge website design. 

Order processing is simple, and you may add products and make discounts. Utilizing the drag-and-drop editing tool is all that is required. That's how easy it is. It has a user-friendly site design as a result.

You can also select free, brand-related mobile responsive themes. There are Premium (paid) themes available if you want additional possibilities. The integrations with SquidVision, Ordoro, and Oberlo have simplified things for many drop shippers.

It is inexpensive and accessible due to its low monthly prices. The low-cost plan is $29 per month, while the mid-level package is $79 per month. It is worth it when you think about the service you receive!

How to Get Started on Shopify?

The first step is to register for the 14-day free trial. To finish this transaction, you don't need to provide your credit card information. All you need to do is provide your contact information and respond to a few business-related questions.

Improve your testing of Shopify's software after that. To test it out and see how it performs with your items, marketing strategies, storefront layouts, and more apps. You might require more sophisticated features like pop-up promotions, restricted search, or cart abandonment notifications.

After that, you can select a suitable pricing plan based on your business if you want to keep using your Shopify account. Let's start by including the essential details about your business. It will make it easier for Shopify to compute shipping costs correctly during the shipment process.

Remember to modify your theme following your branding. You can select a suitable theme with lists and subcategories based on the number of your products. 

Keep in mind that Shopify provides more than 1500 extensions and applications. Filling up any holes you may notice in the features is beneficial. 

Please feel free to contact the Shopify support staff if you want any assistance. But before phoning, it would be wise to check Shopify's knowledge base.

10 Best Shopify Apps To Increase Your Conversions

If customers choose to avoid clicking the buy buttons, your marketing efforts will be effective. You might look through the thousands of options available in the Shopify App Store to aid in customer retention and increase sales, but it takes a long time to do it.

And the one thing you most likely lack is time. Because of this, we performed some legwork for you and compiled this list of our top Shopify applications.

The following apps shorten the buying process, reduce cart abandonment, and simplify checkout while generating more sales and conversion.

  1. SquidVision

Our brand-new CRO tool, SquidVision, tracks sales on your website and connects them to the buttons and links that site visitors click to convert. Your website is visibly overlaid in the software, so you can see which buttons and links brought in money for you.

Scroll-and-click heatmap systems have long been the standard for heatmap software. By developing a platform with revenue heatmaps, Squidvision has opened up a new world of revenue reporting for small businesses including the ability to make smarter CRO decisions.

Like click heatmaps, revenue heatmaps display click-related revenue rather than actual website visitor clicks. As a result, you can keep track of the revenue made by each link and button on your website.

Many people can arrive at your homepage as a result of your CTAs. However, you can see a high bounce-back rate before your visitors arrive at the revenue page. SquidVision lets you see things clearly. You can therefore change your sales funnel as a result.


The ease of use of SquidVision is also one of its best features. To acquire your income analytics, follow these three simple steps:

  • Put a tracking code 
  • Insert your pages
  • Increasing conversion


The important aspect of the SquidVision price is that it depends on the size of your SaaS business. With SquidVision, you may raise your pricing tiers as your SaaS business expands and succeeds. All three plans have the same functionality.

Each monthly membership comes with a seven-day free trial. If you choose an annual billing subscription, no free option is available. But you are provided with two months of free subscription. 

The SquidVision pricing tiers consist of three plans.

The porthole costs $49 per month. The current MRR for this plan is up to $20k Clear Water for $99 per month. This plan now has a $20k to $100k Visionary MRR for a monthly payment of $199. Currently, the MRR for this method varies between $100,000 and $500,000.

SquidVision has a tailored plan if your MRR is greater than $500,000. Contact us to get an estimate and learn more about what we offer.

All packages provide information on impending platform improvements, heat maps of overall revenue, and visitor tracking that is currently available.

  1. Pre Order Manager

Pre-order Manager is the ideal app if you want to profit from preorders. You can evaluate the number of customer purchases before buying merchandise. Additionally, it allows you to sell out-of-stock items using preorders and make 17% more money than usual!

In this scenario, you enter the "Preorder" button for out-of-stock products and allow your consumer to click the button to proceed with the standard order process to make a purchase.


Important app features include:

  • Increase revenue without purchasing a product
  • Obtain funding to launch product development
  • Create a business plan and seek funding with precise data.
  • Quantity restrictions for specific goods
  • Create a customized preorder button.
  • Plan the preorder procedure.
  • Get assistance via live chat


You can choose from pricing plans based on your company size and business needs. The plans include the following:

  • $24.95 per month for Basic Shopify
  • $39.95 per month for Shopify Basic
  • $59.95/month for Shopify Advance
  • $89.95/month for Shopify Plus
  1. Adoric

Adoric is a SaaS marketing platform to assist companies in interacting with website visitors through clever pop-ups, customized content, message-triggered events, bespoke forms, and other tools for content promotion. The cloud-based application aids companies in developing enticing websites that attract visitors and increase their conversion rate.

Adoric, created with marketers and designers in mind, enables users to produce personalized, dynamic content to increase conversions and assist organizations in better comprehending their target demographic. Adoric has you covered whether you want to increase the number of website visitors who become paying customers, lower cart abandonment, expand your email list, etc.

Additionally, this tool may assist you in effectively running promotions and marketing campaigns, gathering marketing data, and upselling your consumers.

To start utilizing Adoric, you must go to your Shopify store and install the app.

After you've taken care of that, you should start by making your first campaign. Select the pop-up template of your choice. Adoric has a large number of them. Any of the templates can be modified precisely how you desire.

Once your design is complete, the following steps are to identify your target market and establish campaign guidelines. By rules, we mean establishing how and when people will view it.

You could program your pop-up to show, for instance, whenever a visitor tries to leave your website. This is due to the technology's support for Exit-Intent.


Some key Adoric features are:

  • AB testing 
  • Activity Dashboard
  • API
  • Behavior Monitoring
  • Behavior Modification
  • Campaign Segmentation 
  • Campaign Management 
  • Campaign Management 


Adoric offers a free plan. You can provide targeting guidelines for your campaign on this plan. In other words, you can control when, where, and how your campaigns will be displayed. Additionally, though to a lesser level, you benefit from customer support.

However, your monthly page views are restricted to 5,000 on the free plan. It would be best if you chose the Essential plan to go beyond this cap. The price is $29 per month.

Your monthly page views on this plan are restricted to 25,000. Additionally, you can benefit from 24-hour email assistance, A/B testing, and campaign planning.

The Standard and Pro plans are the additional advanced options you have. Their respective monthly subscription costs are $79 and $199.

  1. Smile.io

Use Smile.io to create a comprehensive rewards program.

You should manage and combine the programs listed below to give your loyal customers a comprehensive rewards experience.

  • Referral Program 
  • VIP Program 
  • Loyalty Points Program

Combining these programs in various ways can help you express your attitude and brand while providing your clients with a mobile-optimized experience.

Remember to integrate Smile.io with other applications like CRMs, email service providers, and marketing tools. Incorporating a loyalty program can boost your conversion rate and help you gain new customers.


Here are some attractive features of Smile:

  • VIP Programs 
  • VIP Programs 
  • Customizable email notifications and referral messaging
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Points Expiry
  • Account and Launch Management
  • App Integrations


Some plans for you to choose from are:

  • Free Plan: 200 maximum orders per month.
  • Starter Plan: $49 per month
  • Growth Plan: $199 per month
  • Plan Pro: $599 per month

  1. Back In Stock-Restock Alerts

Another one of the top Shopify apps is Back In Stock which helps with email and SMS marketing. With back-in-stock notifications, it aids in growing your sales and increases customer loyalty as well. That implies that you provide your consumer's subscription services and alerts when their favorite items are back in stock.


Key features include:

  • Send out an automatic notification to customers when a product is available again.
  • Using a dashboard, gauge product demand.
  • Profit from adjustments based on your technical expertise.


Choose from three pricing plans which are:

  • Starter: $19.99 per month (500 emails/month)
  • Growth: $29.99 per month (1,000 emails/month)
  • Pro: $49.99 per month (3,000 emails/month)

  1. Ultimate Sales Boost

Ultimate Sales Boost maximizes the urgency factor to increase conversion. It provides countdown timers, low-stock alerts, and picture labels for sales stickers to encourage conversions in a matter of minutes. To increase sales throughout the entire checkout process, you can apply urgency to collections, the homepage, and product pages.


The software also has a ton of helpful tools to boost sales, like:

  • BOGO (Buy-one-get-one) (Buy-one-get-one) checkout
  • Targeting based on location
  • Trust seal
  • A payment gateway icon
  • Free shipping Message


Regarding cost, there is a free plan with five fundamental functions. Businesses can upgrade to the basic plan for $9.99/month and $29.99/month.

  1. Loox Product Reviews & Photos

Allow your consumers to leave lovely product reviews on your website to increase your store's social proof. Utilizing your products will encourage people to offer you five-star reviews and upload images of themselves. It is the modern method of adding lovely product reviews to your shop.

More than 14,000 Shopify stores use Loox. As a result, enhanced customer loyalty can increase conversion. Additionally, the setup is simple.


Some fantastic features of Loox include the following:

  • Product reviews are a good kind of social evidence.
  • Use Rich Snippets to display reviews and ratings on search results.
  • Display all of your reviews on the website for satisfied clients.
  • Display star ratings higher up on product pages and collection pages.
  • Display your product in use.
  • Develop product segments.
  • Offer free shipping or a discount to reviewers.
  • Send emails that are fully branded.
  • Depending on your branding, moderate.
  • Contact customer service.


Loox offers four pricing plans for various business needs. They are:

  • Basic: $9.99/month; offering 100 review request emails
  • Advanced: $24.99/month; offering 500 review request emails
  • Pro: $49.99/month; offering 1,500 review request emails
  • Enterprise: $99.99/month; offering 10,000 review request emails
  1. Sitemapper

Sitemapper is perfect for you if you own a Shopify eCommerce platform and struggle to bring customers to your store online or encourage them to make purchases.

Increasing your visibility on well-known search engines would be best if you own an eCommerce store because Shopify has thousands of other competitors. In this situation, you can use Sitemapper to fix the issue. Being found among other Shopify store owners will boost customer engagement and sales.


Sitemapper has several helpful features, including:

  • Link to all of your collections, sites, goods, and blog entries to improve SEO.
  • Make a sitemap page with a list of all the items you sell.
  • Create a page for your Shopify store's sitemap.
  • Boost customer traffic to your store to boost sales.
  • Synchronize all of the modifications automatically.


$4.99/month for 24/7 live sitemap updates

  1. Referral Candy

Even though your customers adore your product, few of them recommend you to their friends. Why? Because most companies lack a referral program to aid in client word-of-mouth!

Every business needs referral programs in the modern digital environment to aid with word-of-mouth advertising from its clients! More than 3000 online retailers utilize Referral Candy to boost sales through word-of-mouth advertising and bring in new customers.

Here's how it functions:

  • Your store's customer makes a purchase.
  • They receive a voucher code from Referral Candy to give to friends.
  • When a customer's friends make a purchase, they receive a referral bonus.

It functions as a referral marketing tool without coding knowledge. Your emails can be easily customized using the drag-and-drop email editor or HTML/CSS. Referral Candy offers a free 30-day trial to try it out and decide if it's the app for you.


Here's what ReferralCandy has to offer:

  • Select your preferred rewards and allow your customers to receive them automatically.
  • Send out a reminder email to your clients to share the referral link.
  • Generate sales through referrals for retailers.
  • Make your campaigns better.
  • Make your emails unique.
  • Obtain customer service


Their monthly pricing plans include

  • Premium: $49
  • Business: $299
  1. CM Commerce Email Marketing

You must send better emails, as we all do, to boost revenue and conversion.

In this instance, more than 20,000 business owners and online retailers use CM Commerce Email Marketing to engage their clientele and foster brand loyalty.

With Shopify, the integration process is relatively straightforward. Additionally, it offers effective customization to increase sales by leveraging niche markets. The drag-and-drop upsell modules will help you raise the lifetime value of your customers.


CM Commerce combines all these features and more

  • Make a section that is tailored to the needs of your audience.
  • Make conversion-driven campaigns.
  • Utilize the Insights dashboard to keep track of your conversions.
  • Contact customer service.
  • In emails about abandoned carts, recover lost sales.
  • Increase purchases by using the reviews.
  • Use effective segmentation to personalize emails.
  • To foster confidence and boost sales, highlight your greatest reviews.
  • Obtain consumer feedback.


They offer three pricing plans:

  • Starter: $9/m (5,000 emails to 500 people)
  • Growth: $29/m (Unlimited emails)
  • Pro: $49/m (Unlimited emails+consultation and support)

Pick The Best Conversion Boosting Tool

It's time to choose which of these apps will increase conversion the greatest. Depending on your company's demands, the above-mentioned apps offer a variety of advantages.

The cost is crucial for many businesses as well as visitor data, app functionality, and other platform capabilities. The most expensive app software can be better, as is the case with most software. It's also essential to consider how straightforward the beginning is.

Considering everything, we advise using SquidVision for the best outcomes on the Shopify app. Integrate the content you want to advertise with well-known programs after choosing it.

Based on this, you can make design decisions to enhance how users and existing customers interact with your eCommerce store. User testing is a rigorous technique that should always be used in conjunction with site analytics to ensure you know precisely what needs to be changed, why it needs to be changed, and what it needs to be changed to.

For a better user experience and a bit better performance, let's go with SquidVision. Unlike other solutions, SquidVision focuses on income figures, a crucial experience insights indicator.

Additionally, SquidVision is quite simple to set up and operate. To use the platform, you only have to finish three easy tasks. You will be fine with setting up and exploring new places as a consequence.

App integrations on SquidVision allow you to incorporate its features into the Shopify app. To calculate your income, you can enter the items you've dropped-shipped into a single piece of software, and you're done!

SquidVision is a great fit if your company wants to know how clients enter the funnel. As a result, your chances of increasing conversions will be highly boosted.