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Google Optimize 360 Pricing: Is it Better Than Free Version
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October 7, 2022

Google Optimize 360 Pricing: Is it Better Than Free Version

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Use new social media apps as marketing funnels

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Try out Twitter Spaces or Clubhouse on iPhone

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If you’re looking for a tool to improve underperforming pages on your website or want to connect better with your clients, there are many options for you to look into. However, the only free A/B testing tool currently available in the market is Google Optimize, which is a good choice if you want general improvements to your website. The program offers practically all of the necessities for simple site testing. 

Of course, there are several areas where this tool falls short of more expensive alternatives. So, to make things better, Google provides an upgrade to Optimize 360 for that.

It has all the capabilities of Google Optimize and many more that the free version does not have because it is a commercial edition. For smaller businesses with less money and internet traffic, Google Optimize is a valuable tool for beginning conversion rate optimization and testing. According to Google, Optimize 360 can meet the diverse needs of larger companies, including their more complex testing needs.

What Is Google Optimize 360?

You can quickly design and test engaging new experiences for your website visitors with Google Optimize 360. You can use it to see how modifications to your website affect visitors' behavior and conversion rates. Doing this may give each customer a more individualized web experience, from the "front door" welcome to the final purchase.

Google Analytics 360's specific customer behavior and segmentation data are integrated with Optimize 360. Optimize 360 enables you to take rapid action, whether you discover underperforming pages requiring improvement or want to interact better with your most valuable users.

Optimize 360 can alter and test just about every element of your website for any group of users, including text, graphics, layout, and more. You might test a completely updated order page for everyone or do something as easy as sending your most devoted customers a personalized note after checkout.

Because Optimize 360 is simple to use, anyone on your team can quickly and efficiently set up and deploy an experiment.

Sales, content downloads, and video views are just a few of the significant site actions that Analytics 360 already tracks. Using Google Analytics 360 and Optimize 360's native integration, it's simple to compare the results of your tests to the same business goals.

Optimize 360 enables you to go from a one-size-fits-all approach to a one-on-one dialogue with your clients. Based on who directed them to you, how they behave in real-time, or the device they're using, you can personalize experiences for consumers.

With just a few clicks, you can deploy the winning experience to the audiences you've already defined in Analytics 360 after running tests for those groups.

Create a homepage for new visitors or offer a special promotion to honor your most significant clients. When you begin optimizing for individuals, the outcomes will astound you.

Additionally, Optimize 360 easily interacts with Google Ads, Analytics, and other Google products to help you deliver the ideal customer experience at the ideal time. Increase the return on your investment by using ads to reach your target audience online.

Create and test unique landing pages for Ads accounts, campaigns, ad groups, or keywords with Optimize 360. See which iteration of your website performs best for both your customers and your company by experimenting with various variations and focusing your experiment on your Ads keywords.


You may enjoy testing and personalization with Optimize 360, which easily connects with the entire Google Marketing Platform. It enables you to create the ideal front door for every user and strengthen the client ties you have worked hard to create.

Some key features of Optimize 360 include

  • A/B testing
  • Native Google Analytics integration
  • Basic URL targeting
  • User behavior and technology targeting
  • Geo-targeting
  • Technical targeting (JavaScript, cookies, data layer)
  • Google Analytics Audience targeting
  • Web app support
  • Multivariate testing (MVT)
  • Experiment objectives
  • Simultaneous experiments
  • Simultaneous personalization
  • Lifetime started experiments
  • Administration
  • Implementation services
  • Support and services
  • Payment options


It competes with other market-available premium A/B testing solutions, costing an estimated $150,000 a year. For more details, check out the Optimize 360 pricing on their website.

You can also try the free Google Optimize version that provides some of the features of Optimize 360 to get an idea of what the software is like. Optimize is a free tool that can also help your company in various ways.


Optimize 360 is developed for larger enterprises with more complex testing requirements.

It enables advanced targeting, A/B testing, and other features. However, you may conduct more than 100 trials across your site at once using Optimize 360. Compared to Optimize 16 multivariate testing combinations, it offers up to 36. Additionally, unlike Optimize, you may still add experiment objectives to the test after it has begun.

Other benefits include

  • To assist you in determining which areas of your site require work, Google Optimize has native integration with Analytics. Use your analytics site data to quickly and easily pinpoint issue areas, then act on your findings to give your clients the greatest possible online experience.
  • To experiment with more complex modifications, use the raw HTML and JavaScript code editors instead of the visual editor for text and image editing. After that, use native statistical reporting based on your Analytics data to examine your results.
  • To provide your consumers with better, more individualized experiences, you can concentrate on specific user segments thanks to powerful features. Utilize the personalization tool of Optimize 360 to provide your Analytics audiences with unique experiences without having to create new ones.
  • By adding a single line of code to your current Analytics system, you can add Optimize to your existing Analytics implementation and be up and running in minutes. You may easily publish new experiences to your users once the code has been updated on your website.
  • Find out what works best for your customers by quickly testing various variations of your page and concentrating your experiment on your Ads.

FAQs About Optimize 360

  1. Is Optimize 360 a free tool?

Optimize 360 is a paid version. However, Google Optimize, the original version, is free with limited features that can also be used to improve the workflow of enterprises.

  1. Does Optimize 360 come with Google Analytics 360?

Because Optimize 360 and Analytics 360 are natively integrated, you can utilize Analytics 360 reporting to quickly identify areas of your site that could use improvement and Optimize 360 to test those changes.

  1. How well does Google Optimize work?

Google Optimize is an excellent place to start because other programs solely perform A/B testing, but they are all commercial tools. The user interfaces are straightforward to use. You can perform multiple tests at once, and you'll get a clear picture of the ones that worked and those that didn't.

A Recommended Alternative To Optimize 360 in a Budget

Optimize 360, though one of the leading competitors on the market, has drawbacks that are easily overcome by employing comparable alternatives. If you're looking for such a platform, SquidVision is among your best possibilities.

SquidVision, a new CRO tool, tracks revenue from your website and links it to the buttons and links that site visitors use to convert. Within the software, your website is visually overlaid, and you can see which buttons and links generated revenue for you. 

For decades, businesses have been content with platforms that display scroll and click heatmaps. Squidvision, on the other hand, has upped the ante by introducing a platform with revenue heatmaps.

In contrast to click heatmaps, which display the clicks made by visitors, revenue heatmaps display the revenue produced by those clicks. That implies that you may view the revenue linked to each button and link on your website.

Furthermore, corporate technologies are the primary source of revenue tracking. To level the playing field, SquidVision is making it accessible to small enterprises. Small businesses are permitted to monitor revenue from button and link clicks.

If you want to understand how people enter the funnel, SquidVision is a good fit for your company. You also know they become your customers when they take out their credit cards.

Many people may visit your homepage as a result of your CTAs. However, you might have a significant bounce-back rate before your consumers reach the revenue page. SquidVision enables you to see everything. As a result, you may change things to improve your sales funnel.

The simplicity of utilizing SquidVision is also its best feature. You only need to take three easy procedures to acquire your income data.

  • Initiate a tracking code
  • Add pages you own
  • Improve the conversion rate


Income heatmaps

You can use this functionality to see which links and buttons generate revenue. You can now view the revenue earned from those links and buttons and see which clicks and buttons are doing better.

monitoring conversions

SquidVision connects each link and button in conversion tracking. You can use this information to determine where your potential customers are. To keep people on your website till the final conversion, you can modify some of its content.

CTA evaluation

You may check whether your Call to Action buttons are functioning properly with SquidVision. Having CTAs that don't encourage potential customers to click on them is the worst. You can act more easily by acting after analyzing all poor CTAs.

audits of content marketing

You are given access to SquidVision to verify your content marketing plans. Squidvision can assist you in understanding which blog posts are receiving clicks if you're seeking to increase traffic to your blog posts. By examining the money each blog post produces, you may track sales as well.

Additionally, you learn which material to promote with the help of content marketing audits. As a result, if you discover that your content is not performing well, you can promote it to increase traffic and sales.


SquidVision may be used more by combining it with other programs. Connect Squidvision to well-known programs like Shopify and Stripe.

As a result, you may drop ship in Shopify businesses for the most excellent products and easily track income with Stripe.

Other connections that will be unveiled soon include

  • Paddle
  • BigCommerce
  • Magento
  • WooCommerce


Some key benefits of SquidVision include

  • Discover revenue insights for buttons and links.
  • Information about each click
  • Each link and button has conversion tracking tied to it.
  • Examination of your content marketing
  • Check to see whether CTAs just draw lurkers.
  • Conversion rate optimization using CTA changes
  • Know what information to promote and integrate with programs that are widely used.


A great thing about SquidVision's price is that they charge based on the size of your SaaS business. The functionality of all three versions is the same, and SquidVision lets you increase pricing as your SaaS company expands and becomes more successful.

SquidVision Pricing Plans

A seven-day free trial is offered with each monthly subscription. There is no free plan if you choose an annual billing subscription. However, you do receive two months free.

SquidVision's pricing bundles include three plans.

$49 a month for a porthole. This plan's current MRR is up to $20k Clear Water for $99 monthly. For $199 per month, this plan's current MRR ranges from $20k to $100k Visionary. The MRR for this strategy is now between $100,000 and $500,000

However, SquidVision has a unique plan for you if your MRR exceeds $500,000. To acquire a quote and the things they have to offer, you merely need to get in touch with them.

All plans include unlimited visitor tracking, total revenue heatmaps, and upcoming platform changes.

You can take advantage of testing and personalization with Optimize 360, and it connects easily with the entire Google Marketing Platform. It assists you in creating the ideal entrance for each user and deepens the client relationships you have worked so hard to create.

Use SquidVision to improve things even more. SquidVision will make the process simpler and more affordable by giving you access to more capabilities for business growth. Regardless of what you choose, using Optimize 360 or SquidVision features efficiently can boost your company's performance.