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HOTJAR pricing: Is This Product Experience Insight Tool Worth It?
Revenue Heatmaps
October 7, 2022

HOTJAR pricing: Is This Product Experience Insight Tool Worth It?

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If you operate an online store or work for a digital product team, you're probably familiar with Hotjar. Hotjar is one of the best product experience insight tools in use today. However, the Hotjar pricing model has been in question by many businesses.

Today, the quantity of data you may track on your website is unlimited. But have you ever looked at these statistics and pondered why your users act the way they do? What are they doing on your website? And what do they think of the experience?

That's why Hotjar, CrazyEgg, and SquidVision have developed product experience insight solutions. If you're an eCommerce or product marketer, you'll use these tools to analyze conversions. Hence, you get a detailed view of website traffic.

In this blog, I will be doing a review of Hotjar, including its pricing. I will also review a Hotjar alternative you can use with better features like revenue heatmaps. 

Let’s dive in!




Hotjar is a product experience insights platform that provides feedback data and behavior analytics. Hence, you can connect with and understand your consumers using features like

  • Heatmaps
  • Conversion funnels
  • Visitor recordings
  • Feedback and surveys. 

This information is then used by designers, product managers, and researchers to improve the user experience.

Moreover, Hotjar adds to the data and insights from classic product and web analytics solutions such as Mixpanel or Google Analytics. Hence, it's an industry-leading, user-friendly solution that combines

  • User behavior analysis
  • Product experience insights
  • Customer feedback. 

This helps you connect with what is happening on your site and why. Hence, Hotjar is recommended for startups, freelancers, and other enterprises. But, you cannot use Hotjar on a nonprofit organization website.

Furthermore, the extra brilliance of Hotjar is how it adds feedback to the image of the user experience. It's crucial to get a visual insight into product and user experience and watch what your visitors see and do. 

But you also need context. That is the motivations that bring people to your site, the obstacles that keep them there, and the hooks that persuade them to do something. You may accomplish it in a variety of ways with Hotjar. 

Hotjar features


Hotjar features


Heatmaps display a summary of user activity on each web page. You can get answers to questions like:

  • Where do your visitors click and scroll? 
  • What do they care about?
  • Do they notice and engage with the most crucial aspects of the page?

Heatmaps give you all these answers by graphically depicting their clicks, taps, and scrolling behavior.  These aspects are frequently regarded as the most powerful indications of visitor motivation and desire. It allows users to view records of actual website visitor behavior.

Conversion funnels


Conversion funnels enable businesses to determine where their potential clients are leaving. Hotjar gives extensive page-by-page statistics in a visible, clearer, and more understandable style.



Recordings are playbacks of users u-turning, moving, rage-clicking, and scrolling on your site. You can reliably map the user's experience from entry to exit. You can also compare user cohorts by uploading your custom data. This filters your recordings by big spenders or churning customers.

Moreover, you can spot bugs, pain points, and problems. This platform allows you to filter your recording to troubleshoot any problems. And the best part is you can do it fast before more users notice them.



Get the extra context of having your users highlight specific items on your website and provide detailed comments on their experience. For example, they could want to tell you anything about your pricing plans, and you should let them.

Collecting continual feedback is the most effective approach to improving your product and website's user-centric and customer experiences. That is how Hotjar uses its feedback tools to enhance its product.



Surveys allow you to collect feedback from users after they have visited your website and taken action on it.  Surveys are delivered asynchronously, allowing your responders to react at their leisure.

You may learn much about your respondents' intentions, expectations, and outcomes from their interactions with you if they go into greater detail.



You can do more with Hotjar by integrating with other applications. Connect Hotjar to thousands of popular applications to automate your job. This saves you more time for what matters. And the best part? No coding is necessary.

You can collaborate, share data and run experiments using

  • Popular application
  • Integrations to install Hotjar
  • Integrations via Zapier


There are several benefits you get while using Hotjar tools. From usability to features and customer support, Hotjar provides various benefits. Here are some of the benefits 

  • Collect feedback to help you understand your user’s behaviors
  • Fast product experience insights
  • Session recording filtering capabilities
  • Great support team
  • Catch errors in your website before they happen
  • Multiple language support
  • Hotjar sales funnels


Hotjar is a great product experience tool, but there are several downsides to using it for your business and website analysis. Here are some of its cons

  • Does not track revenue
  • No revenue attribution to buttons and links
  • Expensive Hotjar pricing
  • Undownloadable session recordings

HOTJAR pricing

Hotjar offers different plans that are separated into two sections: Observe and Ask. You may create your bundle by selecting plans from both products. 

Observe uses Heatmaps to visualize user behavior and Recordings to observe what your users view. Ask uses Feedback and Surveys; you may learn how your users feel and hear from them. 

Hotjar offers 15-day free trials and 20% off on yearly payments.

  1. Observe plans


  1. Basic 

Get started with Observe essentials at $0USD/ forever

  • 35 daily sessions
  • Up to 35 daily sessionsTooltip
  • Automatic data captureTooltip
  • Unlimited heatmaps
  1. Plus

Observe for small teams, more traffic and tools at $32USD/ month

Everything in Basic, and:

  • Up to 100 daily sessionsTooltip
  • Filter and segment dataTooltip
  • Events API: track custom user actionsTooltip
  1. Business

The best Observe plan for growing companies at $80USD/ month

Everything in Plus, and:

  • 500 daily sessions
  • Custom-built integrations Tooltip
  • Identify API: track custom user attributes Tooltip
  • Frustration and confusion signals
  1. Scale

Observe for experts, loads of traffic plus all the features

Let's talk

Everything in Business, and:

  • 1500+ daily sessions
  • Dedicated customer success manager Tooltip
  • SAML single sign-on (SSO)Tooltip
  • Funnels Tooltip
  • Trends Tooltip
  • Console tracking Tooltip
  • Priority support
  • Full access to every feature

B. Ask plans


  1. Basic

Get started with Ask essentials at $0USD/ forever

Access to:

  • Up to 20 monthly responsesTooltip
  • Create and store 3 surveys & 3 feedback widgetsTooltip
  • Feedback in 40+ languagesTooltip
  • Unlimited questions per survey
  1. Plus

Ask for small teams, more responses and filtersat $48USD/ month

Everything in Basic, and:

  • Up to 250 monthly responsesTooltip
  • Create unlimited surveys & feedback widgetsTooltip
  • Events API: target survey & feedback widgets by custom user actionsTooltip
  1. Business

The best Ask plan for growing companies at $64USD/ month

Everything in Plus, and:

  • 500 monthly responses
  • Identify API: target feedback by custom user attributesTooltip
  • Remove Hotjar branding and customize coloursTooltip
  • Analyze survey performance Tooltip
  • Custom-built integrations
  1. Scale

Ask for experts, unlimited responses plus all features

Let's talk

Everything in Business, and:

  • Unlimited monthly responsesTooltip
  • Dedicated customer success managerTooltip
  • SAML single sign-on (SSO)Tooltip
  • Full access to every feature

Is the price worth it?

Hotjar has excellent pricing with several great features for product experience insights. Its plans come with surveys and feedback, conversion tracking, heatmaps, and integration. Hence it is great for eCommerce businesses, digital agencies, and SaaS companies.

However, If your small business is considering using Hotjar because of the pricing. Hence, you should look at similar options to discover the ideal platform. Moreover, Hotjar is not very ideal for growing companies since it does not offer predictive analysis.

There are more affordable platforms that are easy to use, have session replays and recordings, customer segmentation and are affordable. Moreover, other software has better features, like revenue heatmaps, that let you track conversions on clicks. This is a desired feature for most businesses. 

Best Hotjar Alternative: SquidVision


SquidVision is a new and more innovative way businesses can track website conversions. While platforms like Hotjar track clicks, SquidVision has introduced a way of tracking clicks and revenue from those clicks.

For decades businesses have been satisfied with platforms that show heatmaps of scrolls and clicks. However, SquidVision has upped the game by bringing in a platform with revenue heatmaps.

Revenue heatmaps are similar to clicks heatmaps, but instead of showing your visitor’s clicks, it shows the revenue generated from those clicks. That means you see revenue generated from every link and button on your website.

Moreover, tracking revenue is mainly found in enterprise tools. Hence, SquidVision is on a mission to level the playing field by making it available for small businesses. Small businesses are allowed to track revenue on link clicks and buttons.

SquidVision is suited for your business if you want to know where your visitors are getting into the funnel. You also know when they pull out their credit cards, making them your customers.

Your CTAs can generate a lot of traffic to your homepage. But you may discover that you have a high bounce-back rate before your customers reach the revenue page. You can see all of this with Squidvision. Hence you can make adjustments to improve your sales funnel. 

And the best part of using SquidVision is that it is straightforward. You only need to follow three simple steps to get your revenue metrics. 

  • Install the tracking code
  • Add your pages
  • Increase conversions 


Squidvision Features

Revenue heatmaps


This feature allows you to see which links and buttons turn into money. Hence instead of only seeing which clicks and buttons are doing better, you get to see revenue generated from those links and buttons.

Conversion tracking


SquidVision connects every link and button in conversion tracking. This enables you to determine where your potential clients are leaving. Hence, you can improve some of your website content to keep visitors on your website until the final conversion.

CTA analysis


Squidvision lets you see if your Call to Action buttons are working as expected. Nothing is worse than having CTAs that do not prompt potential customers to click on them. You get to analyze all bad CTAs making it easier for you to act upon them.

Content marketing audits


Squidvision grants you access to validate your content marketing strategies. If you are trying to drive traffic to your blog posts, Squidvision can help you know which blog posts are getting clicks. You can also track sales from your blog posts by seeing how much revenue each post generates. 

Moreover, with such content marketing audits, you get to know which content to promote. Hence, if you find out some of your content is not doing well, you can promote it to drive traffic and sales to that content.



You can do more with SquidVision by integrating it with other applications. Connect SquidVision to popular applications like Stripe and Shopify stores. Hence, you can easily monitor revenue with Stripe and dropship in Shopify stores for the best products.

Other integrations that are soon to introduce include

  • Paddle
  • Magento
  • WooCommerce
  • BigCommerce


  • Get revenue insights on links and buttons
  • Click data on every click
  • Conversion tracking connected to each link and button
  • Audit your content marketing
  • See if CTAs only attract lurkers
  • Increase conversions by making tweaks to CTAs
  • Know which content to promote
  • Integrate with popular applications


  • No free plan but there is a 7 day free trial
  • Does not record user sessions
  • Does not have user surveys


What is great about Squidvision pricing is that they take into account the size of your SaaS business and charge accordingly. All three plans have the same features, and as your SaaS business grows and becomes more profitable, you move up the pricing plans with Squidvision. 

Each monthly plan comes with a 7-day free trial. If you choose an annual billing subscription, there is no free plan, but you get 2 months free.

Squidvision offers three plans in its pricing packages

  • Porthole for $49 per month. The current MRR for this plan is up to $20k
  • Clear Water for $99 per month. The current MRR for this plan is from $20k to $100k
  • Visionary for $199 per month. The current MRR for this plan is from $100k to $500k

However, if your MRR is above $500k, Squidvision has a custom plan for you. You only need to get in touch with them to get a quotation and the features they have to offer. 

All plans come with unlimited visitor tracking, total revenue heatmaps, and any future updates to the platform.


Hotjar and Squidvision Differences

  • Squidvision offers revenue heatmaps while Hotjar only has click heatmaps
  • Hotjar cost is not as favorable as Squidvision
  • Squidvision is more suited for small businesses than Hotjar
  • Squidvision is easy to install and use
  • Squidvision lets you see where your visitors are pulling out their credit cards

Why We Think You’ll Love Squidvision More

Obviously we are biased. We built SquidVision to give small businesses access to the one feature that didn’t exist: Tracking revenue on all of your buttons and links. Why? Because this is exactly what big corporations have been tracking in their enterprise analytic platforms

When other platforms are focused on click heatmaps, SquidVision is focused on the critical metric of experience insights; revenueI

This platform is an X-ray vision for revenue from your website!

SquidVision is doing what most platforms fail to do; introducing revenue heatmaps for small businesses. Hence, you do not need to chase after expensive software to get revenue heatmaps for your small business.


And the best part? SquidVision is very easy to set up and use. You only need to follow three simple steps to get started using the platform. Hence, you do not have to get headaches trying to set up and navigate different sections.

SquidVision doesn’t just focus on revenue. If you offer a free trial on your software, it also shows you how many trials each button and link have generated. To take it one step further you can also see how many of those trials turned into conversions.

Moreover, SquidVision is suited for your business if you want to know where your visitors are getting into the funnel. You also know when they pull out their credit cards, making them your customers. Hence, you will have better luck increasing your revenue.

And the best part? The content marketing audits. You can validate your content marketing strategies if you are trying to drive traffic to your blog posts. You can also track clicks and sales from your blog posts by seeing how much revenue each post generates. 

Start improving conversions on your website revenue heatmaps, the new way to track user behavior on all of your pages.

Get started now with Squidvision!