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A Complete Guide on How to Track User Behavior on Your Website
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October 7, 2022

A Complete Guide on How to Track User Behavior on Your Website

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Try out Twitter Spaces or Clubhouse on iPhone

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Every modern business needs to maintain an online presence these days and convert website visitors into users. But building a website isn't enough. Even though everything looks perfect on your website from your end, you might still be experiencing low conversion rates.

Low conversion rates are an indication that your website visitors are visiting some kind of a problem. It's stopping them from transforming into customers. The most effective method to figure out the problem is tracking user behavior.

But before you start tracking user behavior, you need to understand what it is. In this article, we will explain user behavior, its benefits, and what types of user behavior data you should be collecting. In the end, we will talk about some efficient tools that will help you analyze user behavior.

What Is User Behavior?

User behavior revolves around every activity on your website taken by your visitors. User behavior involves what they click on, where they get confused, how specific pages are scrolled by them, and why they are leaving at a certain point.

Tracking user behavior is understanding how users interact on your website. You will be able to determine how users interact with specific pages and what obstacles they might be facing on your website. When you track user behavior, you become eligible to offer the best possible user experience.

Benefits of Tracking User Behavior

At times, you might be wondering what's the point of analyzing user behavior. Dive into the major benefits of user behavior analytics.

  • Receive First-Hand Insight

When you track user behavior, you get a first-hand insight into what your website visitors are interested in and what they choose to ignore. If you track user behavior, you will learn which part of your website customers interact with the most. Therefore, you will be able to figure out what parts of your website are working the most and what most users prefer on your website.

  • Detect Customer Journey Stages

You can track user behavior to figure out where your visitors get stuck, get confused, and eventually leave. It will provide you with details about the experience of users. You will be able to focus on removing obstacles that affect user behavior.

  • Evaluate the Performance of Your Pages

You will be able to determine on what specific pages users click. By analyzing the performance of your individual pages, you will know what to remove from your website.

  • Figure Out What Has to Be Fixed

User activity tracking also enables website owners to understand what needs to be fixed. By improving your website and fixing bugs, you will be able to offer a smooth customer journey.

Types of User Behavior Analytics to Monitor

You can choose to focus on multiple behavior analytics according to the requirements of your website. But the top aspects of monitoring user behavior are as follows:

  • User Experience

By tracking user experience, you will understand how users are using your website. You will be able to determine whether it's different from how you intended them to use it. Some top factors for understanding user experience include in-page clicks, mouse movements, user navigation patterns, and scroll depth.

You can use this data to make informed decisions about content personalization to improve overall user experience. It will ensure that you are able to retain visitors. For instance, SquidVision is an efficient user behavior tracking tool to improve user experience with the help of heatmaps.

  • Content Performance

Good content will help you keep readers captivated by your website for a long time. You must track users' behavior, like engagement, bounce rate, and sharing, to determine whether your website is offering interesting content. The data will help you improve the content strategies of your site pages.

  • Engagement

Engagement is one of the most user behavior analytics. Remember that not every visit results in a conversion. Moreover, a user will need multiple visits to reach the buying phase.

  • Conversion Rate

Conversion is the primary goal of every landing page. You can focus on measuring performance according to a specific objective, like a purchase on an ecommerce website, a lead form submission, or even downloading an app.

The conversion path must be simple for users to gain a high conversion rate. Some users' behavior, like the checkout process, can be tracked to improve the conversion process.

Best Tools to Analyze User Behavior

If you are willing to understand user behavior, you can try the following website tracking tools:

1. SquidVision

SquidVision offers a new and innovative way for businesses to track user activity. SquidVision focuses on tracking clicks and the revenue generated from them. Even though businesses have been happy with tracking heatmaps of clicks and scrolls, SquidVision has leveled up the game.

Unlike Google Analytics, you will be able to track revenue heatmaps using SquidVision. Instead of showing visitors' clicks, you will be able to track the revenue generated from the clicks. It ensures that you are able to see revenue generated from every link and button on a website.

SquidVision enables even small businesses to track revenue on link buttons and clicks. The software comes with the following features:

  • Revenue Heatmaps

The feature enables businesses to see the links and buttons that generate the highest revenue.

  • Conversion Tracking

SquidVision connects buttons and links in conversion tracking. It ensures that you are able to determine where potential clients are leaving. It will also help you improve the content on your website and keep your visitors hooked on it.

  • CTA Analysis

SquidVision lets you track visitor behavior on a website and understand whether all the CTAs are working. There's no point in having CTAs on your website when there is no visitor to click on them. You also get to evaluate bad CTAs so that you can act on them.

  • Content Marketing Audits

SquidVision provides you access to content marketing strategies. If you want to drive traffic to your blogs, SquidVision will help you determine what type of blog posts help bring the maximum traffic to your website. You will be able to track sales from blog posts from how much revenue is generated by each post.

Furthermore, performing content marketing audits will help you understand which content to promote. If you find out some content is not doing well, you will be able to promote it to drive more traffic.

  • Integrations

You will be able to extract more benefits from SquidVision by integrating it with other applications. Some top applications with which you can connect SquidVision include Shopify and Stripe. It will ensure that you are able to check revenue with Stripe and dropship in your Shopify stores.

Best for: Revenue heatmaps

Pricing: All monthly plans come with a 7-day free trial. You won't get any free plan for an annual subscription, but you will get 2 months free.

The three pricing packages of SquidVision are as follows:

  • Porthole: $49 per month
  • Clear Water: $99 per month
  • Visionary: $199 per month

SquidVision also has a custom plan for you. Get in touch with customer support to get a quotation.

2. Google Analytics


Google Analytics is the first tool that comes to your mind for tracking user activity on your website. This tool helps you understand where your search traffic is coming from and segment it according to its type. Google Analytics dashboard also helps you gain valuable insights about page views, average visit duration, and more.

Google Analytics doesn't automatically track user activity on your web page, like text inputs and clicks. You will have to manually set up tracking tools on every element that you intend to analyze using Google Analytics. Moreover, Google Analytics only reveals what users do and not why they do it.

Best for: Google Analytics is the best for getting more traffic with search traffic analysis

Pricing: Free

3. Crazy Egg


Crazy Egg is another tool that you can use to track user actions and increase conversion rates. The tool helps with gathering data on web analytics in the following ways:

  • Heatmaps to see where people interact the most
  • Sessions recordings of visitors using your website
  • Error tracking to figure out where users are facing issues

Best for: Medium and large companies in need of advanced web analytics

Pricing: 30 days free trial. Subscription starts at $24 per month and can be as high as $249 per month.

4. Kissmetrics


The Kissmetrics platform comes with two products to evaluate the key performance indicators on your website. One of the tracking tools is for SaaS companies, and the other one is for eCommerce businesses.

SaaS companies can use the tool to understand how people interact and become efficient at generating increased revenue and reducing the churn rate. The eCommerce tool lets you collect data on user interactions to grow revenue, increase purchases, and optimize checkout.

Best for: SaaS and eCommerce companies that need detailed BI and customer reports

Pricing: Begins at $299 per month

5. Google Optimize


Google Optimize, formerly known as Google Optimizer, is a web analytics tool to perform experiments and look at different web page versions. It will help with gathering data according to custom objectives. Apart from improving user behavior flow, the tool will also let you generate the highest conversion.

Best for: A/B testing multiple versions of a website to pick the best one

Pricing: Free

6. Verfacto


Verfacto is a behavioral analytics tool to gain insight into customer profiles and marketing strategies. The analytics tool will help you figure out the highest converting channels of customers and check out a comprehensive website journey map. You will be able to even upload profiles to platforms like Facebook, Klaviyo, and Google.

Moreover, Verfacto also lets you track visitors' activities on the basis of lifetime value, frequency, recency, and attention score. Another major advantage of Verfacto is that it supports integration with different eCommerce platforms like WooCommerce, OpenChart, Shopify, and Magento.

Best for: Analyzing user's journey details on your website

Pricing: $399 per month after the free trial

Why does SquidVision stand out?


SquidVision is the perfect tracking solution for webmasters who need comprehensive insights into website performance. After simply adding a tracking code to both your site and goal conversion page, you can gain detailed metrics on conversions, clicks, sign-ups and revenue from each link or button on your webpage - all in real time! With SquidVision's user-friendly interface, you don't ever have to worry about missing out on important data again.


Apart from monitoring user sessions, you also shouldn't forget about the benefits of the integrations. With Stripe and Shopify integrations, you will be able to benefit more from user visits. SquidVision is perfect for anyone who wishes to track user behavior on their website. 

SquidVision does not focus on revenue only. When you enable a free trial on your software, the tool will reveal how many trials every link and button have generated. You can also figure out how many trials have led to conversions. 


SquidVision is the perfect tool for large, medium, and small businesses. You will understand where your website visitors are entering the funnel. Knowing where they pull out their cards with the content marketing audits ensure that you can easily increase your revenue. 

By making you understand how users behave on your web pages, SquidVision will let you increase your customer base. You will know what is stopping them from purchasing and work on improving them. Being one of the best website tracking tools, it is also useful for performing variable testing on your content marketing strategies.

Check out SquidVision today to track how users behave and increase your conversion rate.