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How to Increase Website Conversions? Know Here - SquidVision
October 6, 2022

How to Increase Website Conversions? Know Here - SquidVision

New mobile apps to keep an eye on

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What new social media mobile apps are available in 2022?

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Use new social media apps as marketing funnels

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conversion rate optimization

Do you want to know how many people visited your website or viewed your ad campaign? Are these website visitors doing what you want them to do through your marketing? It is vital for companies to know if their marketing strategy is even working or not.

To know whether a marketing campaign has succeeded, you must know the landing page conversion rate. It sounds like a conversion metric, but it actually means that the higher the conversion rate of your website, the better the marketing is.

conversion rate optimization process

All that effort put in the ad campaign and content writing should not go futile; this is where conversion rate comes into play. It is precisely the percentage of visitors who fulfill the desired goal, which is a conversion, out of the total number of visitors that visit your website.

A good conversion rate indicates successful marketing campaigns, web designs, and great content on your website/landing page. Therefore, ensure that the target audience wants precisely what you're offering them, and they can get it easily.

What is a website conversion rate?

Conversion rate is no mathematical term; it is one of the most efficient ways to measure the performance of your website simply by calculating the conversion rate. 

A conversion rate is the percentage of visitors who visit your website and complete an end goal desired by you. The end goal could be different for anyone such as.

  • An end goal could be making a purchase, but something from the website.
  • It could be engaging with your website through the online chat
  • You could ask the visitor to sign up for a subscription.
  • Ask visitors to submit a form on your website.
  • You could even ask them to download an app, trial software, etc.
  • You could provide a number and ask them to avail your services

There are plenty of other end goals that you could put on your website for the visitors to increase your landing page's conversion rate. Conversion, in short, could be defined as an action that turns a potential customer into a paying  customer in a way you want them to.

Types of website Conversion Rates 

Every website is built in a way wherein they want to generate a higher conversion rate. There are two types of website conversions-


Micro conversion happens when one step is taken towards reaching your end goal. It can include downloading an ebook, watching a video leading up to the end goal, or subscribing to any newsletter. Micro conversion happens before a macro conversion.


Let's look at macro-conversions now. It is when your end goal has been reached/ achieved. It can include a sale, becoming a paid subscriber, or filling and completing a contact form.

website visitor

How do you calculate Conversion Rate?

Now, you must be wondering how to calculate the conversion rate. It is relatively easy and doesn't require much effort from your end. A conversion rate is the percentage of visitors to your landing page who reach the end goal out of the total number of visitors. 

A simple formula for the conversion rate is

Conversion rate = ( final conversions/total visitors)*100

The beauty of website conversions is that they can be as specific or broad as you want them to be. For instance, your website had 300 total visitors and the end goal/ conversions was carried out by only 10. The conversion rate, in this case, would be 30/100*100= 3.33

conversion optimization

Why should you measure Conversion Rate?

Conversion rates can tell you much about your product or service and the website. Revenue is one aspect, but there are two other major reasons to measure conversion rate.

Understanding your customer

To increase any sales, it is first and foremost that you understand the customer well. 

The best way to know what your customers want from you/your business is to understand their likes and dislikes in relation to your website and product.

If there is a low conversion rate- it would mean that your customers want you to bring more clarity about your services, and there is something that your landing page needs to include.

If there is a high conversion rate, your customers are happy with your services, and you are moving in the right direction.

landing pages

Understanding user experience

To make changes to your website and prioritize them, you must know how satisfied your customers are with your services. Identifying what works for your customer is essential in increasing the conversion rate.

A low conversion rate would mean that the customer's experience was poor, and you have to make improvements and uncover the loopholes that might be there.

A high conversion rate would mean that you're on the right track. You know what works for the people, and you can apply that to the other areas of your website.

conversion optimization

Best Tips on how to increase website conversions

Conversion rate is a measure of your website's usability, how much people trust your brand, and whether your website's incoming traffic is relevant. There are a myriad of other factors also. 

It is vital to optimizing your website so that your marketing strategy, ad campaigns, etc., do not go in vain. You should know your customer needs well.

The following are the best tips for you to increase website conversions, thereby leading to an increase in your sales.

Include pop-ups 

One of the best ways to increase website conversions is for your pop-ups to reach the top 10 percent of pop-ups. Make it easy for the users to close the pop-up window.

 Also, you can keep a timer on the pop-up so that it is manageable for potential customers. You can even try offering several offers through the pop-ups till the time you don't find a winner.

Without annoying anyone, you could get all the benefits.

increase website conversions

Do not keep long forms

Remember that if the form is too long, the users might find it tedious and hence, would be hesitant to fill it out. They would opt-out immediately. 

It is your job you keep in mind the needs of the users. Hence, keep the forms short and lessen the time taken by the users to fill them.

conversion rates

Add reviews

Nowadays, anyone who visits your websites or before availing of your services likes to read other people's testimonials. They want to know the previous customers' experience so that it instills confidence in them to trust your landing page. It is crucial to have social proof.

Make sure you include these reviews where potential customers can see them right after landing on your page—evident social proof boost conversions.

landing pages

Live chat feature

Implementing live chat helps web visitors to clarify any queries. They might have a query before reaching the end goal and henceforth increasing the conversion rate. An online help bot will always come in handy and it will be visible to the sales employee.

chat tool

Remove all distractions

Nothing is more irritating than a website that takes you in too many directions at once without clearly stating what the website is trying to accomplish. Remove all broken links if there are any. The purchasing process should be as easy as it can get.

User friendly

Another important tip is that you make the website user-friendly. The customer visiting your website should not get confused, and the steps must be clearly defined. 

Ask only a few questions in the first go. You can always start by asking for an email address or phone number. After that, you can ask for additional information. The user journey should be easy and breezy.

chat tool

Work on the CTA

A CTA, a call to action, tells users about an action they must take. It is essential to avoid having a cliched CTA. Be a little creative and make it a lot more engaging and attractive. A good CTA copy might help you improve your conversion rate.    

call to action


Lucrative offers

The right offer will help you increase website conversions. A lucrative offer that looks attractive to potential customers will make them reach the end goal, whether it's a paid subscription or filling out a form. You can even offer free shipping to the users. 

The right offer will click with your audience, so continue to experiment with your offers.

Reduce risks

You can reduce risks for actual visitors by offering them a money-back guarantee. They will put money where they know the chances of losing it are almost nil. So, please keep it to a minimum risk to increase the conversion rate.

Add a timer

It is natural to become anxious when you know you have limited time and it's running out. It is a great strategy to give an offer for a limited time. 

When website visitors know they have to make a quick decision, they will try their best to save time instead of wasting it. It will boost your conversion rate.

call to action

Include abandoned carts

A few customers add something to the cart and decide not to buy it. These become your potential customers who might finish their end goal later. Always send them an abandoned cart email. It will help customers feel special and remind them of the abandoned cart. 

You can even add a small discount. This follow-up email will surely help you boost the conversion rate.

Improve sales copy

If you want to boost your conversion rate, you should improve your sales copy by making it more persuasive. Your headline should be attractive and appealing to website visitors.

Less page loading time

Landing pages that take too long to load get ditched by potential visitors. Your page load time should be kept at a minimum or within range. You will undoubtedly notice the difference in your conversion rate.

website conversions

Test everything

Whenever you make any changes to your website page, you must test it and assess its impact before finalizing; it will help you decide and know whether it will increase your conversion rate. Hence, test!test!test!

Use CRO and Analytics tools

CRO stands for Conversion Rate Optimization. It helps understand user behavior to maximize conversion rates. It involves a lot of hits and trials since it takes work to analyze user behavior. 

See what works best for your website, whether it's the font, the color, or even adding a new button. Be open to experimentation. 

conversion rate optimization

There are lots of other tools that help you measure and increase conversion rates. For example, Google Analytics is best and ideal for basics. 

It is free of cost and gives you ample information on how much time the user spends on each page, where they come from, and if they're bouncing away or spending time.

Conduct surveys online

Understand what the pain points of the customers are. Run polls and surveys or ask for their feedback. Resolving customer queries will help you a long way in boosting the conversion rate.

google analytics

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