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Lucky Orange Pricing Review: Is The Price Worth It?
October 6, 2022

Lucky Orange Pricing Review: Is The Price Worth It?

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Running a successful website without web analytics software is nearly impossible today. That's why most analytic tools are offering heatmaps to gain insights on how to increase their conversions. 

Lucky Orange is no exception, as it comes into play with dynamic heatmaps for its users. It’s a preferred tool by UX designers and product managers, as they subscribe to different versions of its product.

But what about the Lucky Orange pricing model?

I recommend reading this review to inspire you to decide whether it’s worth the price or not.

Lucky orange overview


Lucky Orange is an all-in-one conversion optimization suite that helps you understand your visitors' behavior. Thus, by choosing to use it, you can optimize your buyers' journey—including future interactions and general website operations.

Moreover, Lucky Orange understands that the future of website interactions and optimisation depends on having excellent analytic capabilities. Thus, Lucky Orange's capabilities are divided into web analytics and live chat.. 

Furthermore, Lucky Orange allows you to restrict your focus to particular user concerns. You can adjust your website with standard metrics, like drop-off rates and traffic. So you can solve specific traffic and bounce rate issues rather than general problems.

You can also use the robust analytics dashboard that users get to examine traffic sources and compare the information using elements like

  • Keywords
  • Localities
  • Language

Such information is crucial in website analytics since having a breakdown of each element is better than having a general traffic overview. Thus, changing what is not generating traffic to your website is more manageable.


Session recordings


This feature lets you observe where visitors clicked or scrolled on your website. So, you can determine what prevents them from purchasing and drill deep into a single visitor's path with session replays.  

Dynamic heatmaps


Heatmaps are great for watching drop-downs, pop-ups, and hover-over menus as they instantly populate with clicks, movements, and scrolls. 

Moreover, you can see which elements of a page encourage individuals to convert and which parts prevent them from doing so. Thus, you will discover possible pain spots and issue areas and isolate specific devices, traffic sources, and visitors.

Live chat


Deliver the best response by providing real-time customer assistance and employing collaborative tools like event and time-based triggers. In turn, you can build long-lasting connections with your customers.

Furthermore, you can see what your consumer sees with live view and watch as consumers traverse your website in real-time. Thus, you can better understand what works and doesn't.

Conversion funnels


Study the number of visitors who get in the conversion funnels and leave before finishing with accurate bounce rate data. Thus, you can see which pages cause the highest bounce rates and track which days of the week have the most conversions.

Form Analytics

Form analytics help you recognise the fields visitors are working on before abandoning the form. You can identify which fields visitors fill out multiple times to detect problems and track how long a visitor stays on a page before beginning to fill out a form.

Surveys and Announcements


Surveys are excellent for asking crucial questions to the appropriate individuals at the right time. On the other hand, you can use announcements to notify all visitors about a discount coupon or a product update. 


  • Dynamic heatmaps to show pain points
  • Scroll maps and scroll depths
  • Goal tracking
  • Data segmentation by date
  • Session recordings and session replays
  • Create funnels on email marketing campaigns


  • No revenue tracking
  • Revenue heatmaps are unavailable
  • Zero revenue attribution on clicks

Pricing Model

Lucky orange provides competitive pricing for small businesses to large corporations. So, you can look at different pricing plans and choose one that meets your needs and budget.

Moreover, Lucky orange has a 7-day free trial that covers up to 25,000 pageviews and monitoring on one website. You may also invite unlimited team members to your account.

Lucky Orange pricing plan:

  • Free plan: $0 per month
  • Build plan: $14 per month
  • Grow plan: $28 per month
  • Expand plan: $58 per month
  • Scale plan: $128 per month
  • Enterprise: is custom priced

Note that all plans come with the same features, including unlimited team members, page views and data storage.


Should you choose Lucky Orange?

Lucky Orange is for consumers searching for robust tool capability with

  • Mouse tracking
  • Funnel and form analytics
  • Heat mapping
  • Live chat. 
  • Regular email reports

However, Established online businesses are most likely to benefit from using all its features than online-based small businesses, start-ups, and freelancers who may only use one or two features.

Not to say that you can't use the Lucky orange if you are a small business; But there are other tools you can use that have been built explicitly for your business instead of enterprises. 

Another downside is Lucky Orange's usability and design is significant drawbacks.  The product is not intuitive, which may be pretty perplexing for its target audience, mainly since Lucky Orange targets a broad non-tech audience.

Furthermore, the website load speed was not working in favor of this product. You might spend your time waiting for your website to load. But we anticipate that their load time will improve in the future.

You can choose an alternative that is more intuitive, loads fast and has crucial metrics like revenue heatmaps. This way, you have no headaches with speed and usage and can now stay in competition with revenue tracking.

Best Alternative to Lucky Orange: SquidVision

SquidVision is a behavior analysis tool that gives the most out of revenue tracking. While analytic platforms like Lucky Orange strives for dynamic and scroll heatmaps, SquidVision is bringing in Revenue heatmaps.

For a long time, large enterprises have stayed on top of the competition with revenue tracking attribution in their CRO engagements While they have the budget and patience to do this.

It’s really difficult for scaling businesses to replicate this given the kind of bandwidth it takes to pull this off. And this is exactly what We at SquidVision are doing.

SquidVision Dashboard

We have brought the methodical way of doing Conversion rate optimization in a productized format, so that you can immediately measure results from your activities without running numbers on the spreadsheets.

It’s that simple.

While luckyorange offers standard click oriented heatmaps, we offer revenue focused heatmaps so you can measure the impact of user activity on your revenue.

So you work on signals which are revenue driven instead of clicks driven. You can even see how many clicks it took to generate how much revenue. You’ll be able to identify quickly which buttons are resulting in low revenue, so you know which areas to fix on the website.

You can also use SquidVision to monitor your conversion rate by identifying where your visitors are converting in the funnel.

Your CTAs can potentially drive a considerable amount of traffic to your website. However, you may have a significant bounce rate before your customers reach the earning page. SquidVision allows you to have data at hand so you can make relevant changes to your website conversion flow so you can avoid losing customers.

How to install SquidVision:

Easy 3 step formula:

Squidvision installation


  • Revenue tracking 
  • Revenue heatmaps
  • Revenue attributions
  • CTA analysis
  • Content marketing analysis
  • Conversion tracking
  • Trial clicks tracking


  • It takes a day to get data ready after installation


Every business differs in size and needs, so you cannot use a one size fits all solution. That’s why we at SquidVision have customized every plan depending on your business size. 

Thus, you get value for your money, and solutions best fit your business. Every plan has a free 14 days trial.

The starting price is $49. 

And the best part,  every plan has the same features, and you can upgrade as your company grows. 

Our pricing plans include:

Porthole plan: $49 for a $20k MRR.

Clear Water plan: $99 for $20k to $100k MRR.

Visionary plan: $199 for $100,000 to $500,000 MRR.

If your current MRR exceeds 500k, there is a tailored custom plan for your businesses.

Key points:

Revenue heatmaps


We at SquidVision have created revenue focused heatmaps so that brand can measure impact and connect it directly with revenue.

Moreover, you can better analyze revenue data, conversions, and click statistics. No more headaches trying to know which clicks are underperforming.

Revenue attribution on clicks


Marketers use revenue attributions to gain critical insights into individual components of a website. Thus, SquidVision has revenue attributions on every link or button on your website.



Our feature set is not solely focused on revenue. You can see which trials generated more clicks if you offer trials on your services. Thus, you can see which of those trial clicks converted to paying customers.

Conversion tracking


Every business employs different marketing efforts to increase conversions. That’s why businesses strive to track conversions on their websites. So, SquidVision integrates your conversion tracking button and links for easy analysis. 

Moreover, monitoring conversions is excellent for detecting where your prospective buyers are abandoning the sales funnel. So you can tweak what is causing them to leave to increase your conversions.

CTA analysis

CTAs are what bring customers to your landing pages. But with poor CTAs, you are already failing at attracting customers. We’ll also allow you to analyse the CTAs' performance to check if they are working as anticipated.

Hence, with the best CTAs that lure customers to your website and the written content on your website, you can increase your revenue and conversions.

Content marketing audits


Have you ever employed a content marketing strategy and wondered why it is not converting or generating revenue? That’s why you need to do a content marketing audit with SquidVision on all content on your website.

Every content strategy has its impact. Thus, some may perform better than others. Let us determine which content drives conversions on your website. You can also monitor revenue generated from each content.



No one wants a CRO tool that does not integrate with other applications to simplify workflows. Hence, we have integrated with popular apps such as Shopify stores and Stripe. There are other integrations soon to be included, like BigCommerce and Paddle.

Why Choose SquidVision Over Lucky Orange?

Website analytics does not have to be complicated. Look no further than SquidVision if you want a product as sophisticated as Google Analytics while affordable and easy to use.

You can boost your online sales right now with a one-click installation. Most SaaS companies have faith in us to avoid shopping cart abandonment. You can boost conversion rates on BigCommerce shops.

Whether you're a seasoned merchant or a beginner using popular applications like Stripe and Shopify stores, SquidVision can help you better understand your visitors and increase sales.

We believe that revenue tracking should be accessible to all online businesses. It doesn't matter if you have a small or big online business; you get the key to various optimisation possibilities.

SquidVision has successfully implemented revenue-tracking technology for small and medium-sized businesses. We stand out with our revenue heat maps that show where your revenue is mainly generated.

Besides, different businesses track different things; your business may track clicks while another tracks revenue. But with SquidVision, you can track both clicks and revenue. That’s where you get the most value. 

Furthermore, SquidVision is easy to set up and use. You only need to follow three simple steps to get started. The user interface is also intuitive, and if you experience any difficulties, we have an excellent support team ready to help you.

Start your revenue-tracking journey with SquidVision Today!