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 Microsoft Clarity Pricing: Is The Free Price Worth It?
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October 7, 2022

Microsoft Clarity Pricing: Is The Free Price Worth It?

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Microsoft Clarity Pricing: Is The Free Price Worth It?

When looking for a tool to analyse website analytics, you must find an affordable platform with features that meet your needs. Microsoft clarity pricing does just that; better yet, you don't have to pay to install or use it. 

With various features to choose from and no future upgrade fee, you can use this tool indefinitely to run on your web pages and gather data for your business. However, have you stopped to wonder if this free pricing gives you the best solutions?

Let's discuss in full detail what you get with the free Microsoft clarity pricing, including its fantastic features.    

Microsoft Clarity

The Microsoft Clarity tool has been designed to help anyone with a website keep track of user interactions and behaviour analytics for free. Awesome right? While other web analytics programs charge a fee.   

Microsoft created this free tool to help users track their website performance and improve how users interact with it. It's free to install and use.

Let's look at all the features and discuss how this affects user behavior:

How to Install Microsoft Clarity?

To install Microsoft Clarity, you need to install a tracking code first. Each website added to your Clarity account will have its unique tracking code. You can use the same script for many domains of your website. 

On your Microsoft Clarity Project page, go to the settings page and select set-ups, then choose an installation method. Clarity has three installation options. To install manually, install on a third-party platform, and the option to share code with a team member.

Installing Microsoft Clarity Manually

To install Clarity manually, you must select "Get Tracking Code". Once you have the tracking code, you must copy and paste it into your website's <head> section.

Installing Microsoft Clarity on a third-party platform

Third-party platforms include apps such as Shopify stores and Stripe. Select View all platforms to see the list of platforms that can work with Clarity at absolutely zero cost. 

Choose from the platform list if you can find it. If not you do not see your platform select the "I don't see my platform" button and submit a request.

Enter the platform name, enter submit, and install the code manually to get Microsoft Clarity up and working. 

Sharing Code with Team

Select the "share code" button, enter your team member's email ID and submit. An email will be sent to your team member with instructions and the code.

Verify your installation using two methods:

  • Check the project by viewing the heatmaps, session recordings, and dashboard after waiting 2 hours.
  • Check posts request:
  1. Right-click on your website and search Inspect
  1. Go to the Network tab and select collect file.
  1. Once you see the data on your project dashboard, you can explore the heatmaps to see user interaction on your website.

Features of Microsoft Clarity 

  • Create heatmaps 


Instant Clarity heatmaps show how far your visitors have scrolled through your content and how engaged they have been. It is easy to share the data from the heatmaps with team members since you can create a public link to share with your team. 

You have access to three types of heatmaps;

  • Scroll heatmaps which show how far visitors have scrolled
  • Click heatmaps which show high engagement heatmaps
  • Area heatmaps which show total clicks in the chosen area

Furthermore, you can compare two heatmaps alongside each other. For example, you can create one to check the number of clicks and another to check the scrolling user behaviors.

  • Session Recordings


You are allowed to record sessions by seeing how visitors move through their site and at which point they lose them. So, you get valuable insights and can help narrow down the site's performance. 

Microsoft Clarity even can show session replay. In case users want to check things like page speed or share their findings with other team members. 

Session recordings let you experience their website the same way users do. It also gives you the tools to look for and fix any problems customers' problems after using the website. 

  • Insight Dashboard 


Clarity allows users to see which part of their site's website performs. You can see customers' leading cause of frustration by analysing rage clicks and dead clicks.  

Rage clicks occur when customers have to click more than once to access pages. On the other hand, dead clicks are when a user clicks on links that do not work. 

You can also explore how your users interact with your website by the way they read and shop for products. This way, you can check the percentage when users interact using your blogs or navigating your website to buy any products.

  • Microsoft Clarity Integration


Microsoft Clarity Integrates with Google Analytics to see how visitors interact with your website and go beyond the numbers. You can explore your Google Analytics dashboard without leaving Microsoft Clarity and see heatmaps and recordings for Google Analytics data.

Moreover, Microsoft Clarity is GDPR-ready with no need for sampling and is built on an open source. Hence you can watch recordings of your Google Analytics segments and explore Google Analytics metrics without having to exit the Clarity app. 

Another cool feature of Microsoft Clarity and Google Analytics integration is that there is no need to re-create any goals as they are automatically incorporated into Microsoft Clarity.  


  • Access to historical data
  • Always-on recording
  • Rage clicks and dead click insights
  • Click and scroll heatmaps
  • Easy integration with Google Analytics 
  • Conversion Tracking
  • No limits on traffic
  • Created for user experience


  • No revenue tracking
  • Only one integration
  • Can’t filter traffic by traffic source/campaign
  • No A/B testing tools for UX testing or design improvements
  • No customer support

Microsoft Clarity Pricing

Microsoft Clarity is free forever. You can enjoy all the features without upgrading to the paid version or having traffic limits like

  • Unlimited traffic
  • Unlimited heatmaps
  • Unlimited team members
  • Unlimited websites

Clarity's mission is to make behavior analytics accessible to everyone, from bloggers to big companies. 

Moreover, Microsoft Clarity is free to analyse massive amounts of anonymous user behavior data to gain insights and enhance machine learning models that control many of our products and services. 

Is the free tool worth it? 

Using a free tool such as Microsoft clarity has its perks, although one should also take into account the limitations that it might have.

While most analytic platforms are built for teams, Microsoft Clarity is more suited for individuals who like to work alone. Thus, you are more likely to get better features like revenue tracking with a paid platform rather than a free platform.

Moreover, you need a platform that offers several third-party integrations rather than only one. This way, you can improve your workflow by having everything in one place instead of hopping from one software to another to work on something.

Alternative to Microsoft Clarity



SquidVision is a more innovative tool that tracks revenue with revenue heatmaps. While Microsoft Clarity is offering standard click, scroll and area heatmaps, we offer revenue heatmaps in our CRO engagements. 

Small businesses have had problems copying large enterprises tracking revenue since they don’t have the budget to use enterprise-grade platforms. That’s where we come in with revenue tracking in an enterprise platform built for small businesses.

How to Install SquidVision

Compared to Microsoft Clarity, SquidVision is much easier to install. It has a simple 3-step process.

  1. Install the tracking code

Install the tracking code on the goal conversion page and website, allowing us to start the conversion tracking process.

  1. Add your pages

Add your pages or even one page to the SquidVision software for the program to run and track all data, such as signups, clicks, and revenue.

  1. Increase Conversions

The revenue heatmaps will track and identify links, images, and buttons. You can make changes and fix them if they are not generating any revenue. These fixes enhance your site's performance but, most importantly, make money.



  • In-depth Revenue Insights into Links and Website Content


Revenue heatmaps allow you to see all revenue generated by the links and buttons on a page. It shows the click data of each link and tracking conversions tied to the links and buttons on your website.

  • Call-To-Action Buttons 


SquidVision allows users to check whether their call-to-actions (CTAs) are working. You can see which ones have been clicked, leading to your website. You can then tweak the CTAs to help increase conversion rates which leads to an increase in revenue generation.

The most admirable feature of checking CTAs with SquidVision is that your marketing efforts never have to go to waste due to poor CTAs.

  • Shows which Blog Content Increases Sales

This feature highlights which posts on your blog or content generated the most revenue. So marketers can get insights on what content is working and generating traffic and which ones are not. 

  • Integration with other apps

SquidVision also has this feature of integrating with apps. Apps such as Shopify stores and Stripe Users. It has lined up even more apps, such as WooCommerce, Paddle, BigCommerce, and Magento. 


  • Get revenue insights on links and buttons
  • Click data on every click
  • Conversion tracking connected to each link and button
  • Audit your content marketing
  • CTA audits
  • Increase conversions by making tweaks to CTAs
  • Third-party integrations


  • No free plan, but you enjoy a 14-day free trial
  • Does not record user sessions

SquidVision Pricing Model

SquidVision offers a 14-day free trial to users to gain insights into their features and see results on their site's performance.

There are three packages to choose from:

Porthole: priced at $49 per month and includes: 

  • tracking unlimited visitors each month
  • unlimited Revenue Heat maps 
  • including all future feature updates 
  • The current MRR is up to $20K

Clear Waters: priced at $99 per month and includes: 

  • tracking unlimited visitors each month
  • unlimited revenue heat maps
  • including all future feature updates 
  • The current MRR is between $20K - $100K

Visionary: priced at $199 per month and includes 

  • tracking unlimited visitors each month
  • unlimited revenue heat maps 
  • including all future feature updates 
  • The current MRR is between $100K -$500K


How Microsoft clarity and SquidVision are similar?

  • Both of them have conversion tracking
  • Both show visitors pain points 
  • Both have heatmaps
  • Both audit your website content
  • Both help you understand user behavior on websites.

What Is SquidVision Offering Different?

  • SquidVision has both click and revenue tracking.
  • It has revenue attribution on buttons and links
  • It measures click generated from trials
  • They integrate with more third-party applications.

Why Choose SquidVision Over Microsoft Clarity?

Although Microsoft Clarity offers free features like heatmaps, session recordings and insights, there is no revenue tracking. We have introduced a sophisticated way of tracking revenue so that you match up with other large businesses in their CRO engagements.

Furthermore, why not use a platform that offers click and revenue data? That’s where the most value is, and you can stay in competition with other established businesses. You also don’t have to break the bank since our tools are built for small businesses.

And the best part? You can grow your plan as your business grows. All our plans offer the same features creating an easy transition from one plan to another.

Moreover, in this current business environment, having only one integration is not enough since you have to undertake several tasks. That’s why we offer various third-party integrations, including Stripe and Shopify, with more coming soon.

You also get an intuitive user interface by choosing us. We have provided you with steps to get you up and running, and in case of any issues, you can always contact us for assistance. So, setting up an account and starting your behavioural analytics journey has never been made easy.

Make revenue tracking easy with SquidVision Today!