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October 6, 2022

Mouseflow: How much does it Cost (And Is It Worth It)?

Mouseflow: How much does it Cost (And Is It Worth It)?

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A few years ago, I was on a mission to find an excellent behavioral analytics platform. So I began researching and asking business owners about the best platform I could use. That’s how I came across Mouseflow. Yet, I found myself questioning the price worth.

Don’t get me wrong. Mouseflow is a great platform and is set on helping enterprises uncover user behavior insights. But when I factored in my budget, I realised that the pricing didn’t cut out for me so I embarked on another journey to find another affordable platform.

While thousands of analytics tools are available to show what's happening on your website, that's not enough. It would be best if you had an affordable tool for your analytics. That is why as much as Mouseflow is a great tool; the Mouseflow pricing has been in question.

Let’s dive into this Mouseflow pricing review as we try to determine whether the price is worth it.

Mouseflow review:


It is critical to ensure that the content and structure of our website are always functional. Users need to understand your business purpose, which is where a tool like Mouseflow comes into play.

Mouseflow is a behavioral analytics tool used to visualise website traffic analytics. It allows you to see how users behave on websites in real-time. Essentially it’s a spy that tells you what's working and what isn't through scrolls, clicks, browsing history, and other interactions.

Furthermore, knowing how users interact with your website will allow you to understand the navigation flow/user experience. You can use these analytics to improve content blocks, information structures, CTAs, and all other factors involved in each user interaction.

Overall, Mouseflow keeps everyone connected to what you need to do to improve the website. If the outcomes are reasonable, we'll know that your website won't need further retouching.

You can then start gathering additional data that isn't directly related to navigation but can be used for marketing purposes. Hence, you can select the most visited and read content on the website and do email marketing.

Mouseflow Features

  • Session replays

Mouseflow uses session replays to allow you to watch and learn from actual user behavior. You can see every user journey, not just a sample, so you can quickly resolve user frustrations. 

With Session replays, there's no need to go through thousands of sessions; friction scores pinpoint pain points, so you know where to begin.


  • Heatmaps

Mouseflow is taking heatmaps to the next level by offering six website heatmaps tools in one platform; click, scroll, movement, attention, live and geo.

These six heatmaps are great for concluding with rich visualisations. See beyond clicks by visualising mouse movement, scroll depth, and user geography and watching and interacting in real time.


  • Conversion funnels

You can see where your visitors are leaving the funnel with conversion funnels. Improve your path-to-purchase and rescue at-risk conversions with Mouseflow to get a better ROI from every funnel.


  • Form Analytics

When filling out forms on your website, form fatigue is real. But with form analytics, you can determine if the field-by-field analysis costs you conversions. In turn, you can reveal interaction problems and boost conversions in one shot (it's not always about TMI).

A single form field can derail the conversion of a qualified user, but the form analysis tool will show you where they are having difficulties.


  • Feedback

Get feedback when and where it counts with interactive custom surveys enabling you to target a specific audience in seconds. Your clients have an opinion. Listen to them and provide them with the online experience they desire and require.

Capture an engaged user or one about to leave—request feedback on all or just some pages. You can select your audience and level of perseverance since improving a product and providing a better customer experience go hand in hand.


Mouseflow Pros

  • Examine video recordings of visitors' sessions
  • Create six different types of heatmaps
  • Create conversion funnels to track bounce rates.
  • Use form analytics to boost your lead generation.
  • Run feedback campaigns to know your visitors.
  • Analyse your data with powerful filtering options
  • Integrate with apps like Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics

Mouseflow Cons

  • No revenue tracking
  • No revenue attribution on clicks
  • No revenue heatmaps
  • Enterprise tools best built for large businesses

Mouseflow Pricing Model

Mouseflow offers transparent plans that pack a punch. It clearly understands that one size does not fit all and has six pricing plans your business can choose from. Moreover, it offers a free trial, but you need to upgrade to the free or paid plan once it ends.

Here are the six pricing plans

  • Free plan for $0 per month
  • Starter plan for $24 per month
  • Growth plan for $79 per month
  • Business plan for $159 per month
  • Pro plan for $299 per month
  • Enterprise custom plan: contact Mouseflow for a quotation.


All Mouseflow pricing plans come with 

  • Form Analytics
  • Feedback surveys
  • Funnel reports
  • Live chat support
  • Varied monthly recordings and months of data storage

But the enterprise plan is the only one with 

  • an account manager
  • single sign-on
  • personal onboarding
  • legal and security support
  • contract paperwork 
Is The Mouseflow Pricing Worth It?

As much as all types of businesses use Mouseflow, it is an enterprise-grade tool. Thus, large corporations will benefit most from its features than freelancers, startups, and small businesses.

Small businesses may only require one or two features from it and have to pay for all other features. It is not bad, but it is a waste of resources since you don't want to spend money on something you won't use. And the free plan limits you on a lot of features. 

Other affordable platforms offer the same services even if you pay for the extra features. Furthermore, Mouseflow does not track revenue which is the future of CRO. It would be best to track revenue like other large enterprises to stay in the competition.

Here's an alternative Tool with Revenue Tracking


SquidVision is a behavioural analytic tool doing what most platforms are failing to do; tracking revenue. While other software like Mouseflow tracks movements and clicks, SquidVision brings revenue heatmaps into the analytics game. 

For a long time, most analytics tools provided heatmaps of scrolls and clicks. SquidVision, on the other hand, has introduced the most crucial landing page metrics: revenue heatmaps.

Revenue heatmaps are similar to traditional click-and-scroll heatmaps but display the revenue earned by clicks. That means you can view every money made by every button and link on your website.

Furthermore, these revenue heat maps display traffic sources by highlighting where your visitors clicked and how much income was generated. Thus, buttons and links with lower accrued income may imply that they aren't attracting the most traffic to your website.

You can also check your conversion rate with SquidVision by understanding where your visitors are converting in the funnel. You will also notice when they take out their wallets or draw out their credit cards, thereby becoming your clients.

Moreover, great CTAs drive traffic and conversions on your website. So if your CTAs are not driving traffic or conversions, you need to tweak them. Hence, SquidVision can help you make modifications to improve your sales funnel. 

SquidVision Features

  • Revenue tracking with revenue heatmaps

Revenue heatmaps are the future of CRO, so they are ideal for your business if you want to identify which links and buttons generate revenue. You gain access to click statistics, conversion rates, and revenue data.


  • Revenue attribution on clicks

Businesses are under pressure to examine data and make changes while increasing revenue. Revenue attribution allows you to collect essential data from buttons and links and utilise it to obtain insights into how the clicks contribute to conversions.


  • Conversion tracking

Businesses strive to convert their visitors into customers. So, SquidVision integrates all of your conversion tracking links and buttons. Conversion monitoring is excellent for detecting where your prospects are exiting the funnel. 

As a result, you may analyse some of your content and blogs and promote your material to improve conversion.


  • CTA analysis

You can analyse the performance of your Call to Action with SquidVision to check if they are performing as planned. As a marketer, nothing is more irritating than CTAs that do not affect potential clients. You may improve all terrible CTAs to increase traffic.


  • Content marketing audits

Different content performs differently, and some may perform better than others. So, you can use SquidVision to determine which content drives visitors to your website. You may also monitor content sales by looking at the income earned by each article.


  • Integrations

The best behavioral analytic tools integrate with other apps to simplify workflows. SquidVision is no different because it integrates with well-known apps such as Stripe and Shopify shops. Other integrations soon to be introduced include Paddle and WooCommerce.


SquidVision Pros

  • Revenue heatmaps for tracking revenue
  • Track conversions
  • Revenue insights on links and buttons
  • Click data on every click
  • Track bounce rate
  • Content marketing audits
  • CTA analysis
  • Integration with other applications

SquidVision Cons

  • No free plan, but there is a free trial
  • No form analytics
  • No session replays
  • No feedback campaigns

SquidVision Pricing

SquidVision has customized pricing plans for various company sizes. The monthly plan includes a 14-day free trial.

SquidVision offers three price options.

  • $49 for the Porthole plan: current MRR is up to $20k.
  • $99 for the Clear Water plan: current MRR ranges from $20k to $100k.
  • $199 for the Visionary plan: current MRR for this plan is from $100,000 to $500,000.

But you don’t have to worry if your MRR is above 500k. SquidVision has a tailored custom plan for such businesses.



  • Both offer behavioral analysis
  • Both track conversions
  • Both track bounce rate
  • Both offer content marketing analysis
  • Both integrate with other apps

Why SquidVision stands out

  • Revenue tracking with revenue heatmaps
  • Revenue attributions on clicks
  • Built for small to large businesses
  • Straightforward interface

Why SquidVision Outperforms Mouseflow

For the longest time, we have been satisfied with traditional click-and-scroll heatmaps. But we have introduced a sophisticated way of tracking revenue and clicks, giving you more control over your website analytics.

We have introduced Enterprise tools built for small businesses!

Established businesses have enjoyed revenue heatmaps on enterprise-grade platforms, and now it's high time for small businesses to get this opportunity. We provide you with the key that opens the door to a world of optimization possibilities with revenue heatmaps.

Moreover, what distinguishes revenue heatmaps from traditional click heatmaps is that we can now make changes to a webpage to increase conversions using the metrics that matter most, revenue and clicks.

And the best part? You have an X-ray of the revenue generated from your website.


Oh, and we're solely concerned with revenue. You can track the number of trials your links or buttons have created if your website offers free trials to customers. It even lets you know how many trials resulted in conversions.

Furthermore, you won't have any headaches when using SquidVision. The user interface is user-friendly, and we have provided you with three easy steps you can follow to get up and running.

We are set on leaving a mark by providing an affordable enterprise tool for small businesses with revenue attribution, CTA, content analysis, and third-party integrations. So you can rest easy knowing you are getting the utmost value from tracking revenue and clicks.

Try SquidVision Today!